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Boarding people again and I'm going to have to mental gymnastics to convince myself that it's not intentional my other firefighters more breaking. Wow, it's. Ask. Brooke driver Oh. Wait we'll find the rick tweet to know did he Break it. Out, of guests. Out of anger. Out of rage out of some sort of rage maybe. About art thing that's his relatable as it gets. Asked. No Hartfield. Okay. Broken it. It broke I'll be great if he was fucking, he was holding it if he was. A court of law thing but if he was holding it in a broke broke breaking news again. We have more trouble guide was a commercial or something six. Protein shakes. include. What he's asking for breakfast he said EGGS BACON IN NINE PROTEIN SHAKES Oh my God. Oh, I fucking love it is probably going to complain to the PG no well, he's definitely calling brooks is being mean to absolutely Brooks's bullying me on the. It's also partly because it's golfing and there is like this unspoken like gentleman's row. But why wouldn't like Brooks's competing its pricing mucking sports? Yeah. What like trash talk fuck care listen I I think that the Shambo wants people to stop pulling them maybe then he should start doing the exact opposite of everything that he's done in his life, but he would you know he'd been did. That, he would do it in a scientific way at least like video of I'm going to do the Costanza. Yeah. No he would have like sabermetrics about who the most likeable people in the world are like he pull up Tom Hanks us like like an excel spreadsheet logging everywhere that he said, and then try to mimic those and then be like, yeah. Okay this is fake pricing. You know what? I'm fine with this I'm I'm glad that there's a rivalry in golf we needed something like this. The Tiger Phil just doesn't do it for me whereas. Today was actually one of the first times that I've been watching golf and I've been more excited to watch somebody else besides target. Yeah. It's been awesome. I'm looking at this picture it took us what like a an hour and a half into the show but fuck you Bryce Yeah Foam, Ding, fuck you bryson sham below. Christ and go cry. So the Gulf, the head of his driver is laying on the ground next to his feet. Very sad looking picture it. You can't does not like an ans- head one whole seon right now. Because you're you can't like two through six. So he's got a long way to go. You can't use a new. No, you don't get a new driver, Kenny Cau-. Rules official over hey, he probably did You probably tried to duct tape it I god. Okay. Here's what he said. What he said, I guess it's all the swings I put in Oh my God. That's why you should never practice trason that gets them. So strong, I didn't know my own strength again, this is a problem that brooks would not have because he doesn't practice right? Right his clubs are fresh always. My fire fast is another fire fellow. Yeah. Go ahead my bed sucks okay. My bed suck now it's broken, and so I read getting in and out of the bed, the slats always collapse every morning I wake up with a back ache now feels like something you should fix. Get Mindy killing such. You know I've already put in order for new bed but in the meantime have you there's no worse feeling than being really tired at the end of the day or maybe after a twenty four hour stream and all you want to do is lay down your bed and you dread laying down on it. You dread the feeling of the slats. Yes. Yeah. I would fix out instantly. There's no way to fix it. I, just have to order new bed and you know what that means now have to assemble a new bed. Yes. Sucks. All right live on twitter. Are My fire fest is I. I actually got an invite to be a virtual fan and I bought a hat that says Laker Dan I sat there for an hour waiting to get led into never got let in like a fucking. Laker Dan hats. Yeah. I bought one at the store at the Lakers store mini flag to and joking, No yes, I'm jogging. And then we found out that Lebron just invited all his fucking kids from his school. Fuck you Lebron those guys those kids are are in. Akron. They're not laker fan the cavs way. It's I'm the Laker fan he invited kids from a school on only. Night it was school names like six thirty. So on on a school night will nonetheless, yes. What about the second graders like? One of those. Get foxy probably anything this morning dude I'll remember this Lebron you don't want Laker Dan to show up. I'm just GonNa say that was. Really really don't, but it's kind of a threat so. Be careful do. All. Right. See every Monday lobby guests. Way. Off the. Wall. The. Better. I. Enjoy. It's pardon my take presented by Barstool Sports..

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