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Got out and waved a gun at the two men in the pick up directly behind him a passenger in the truck right behind him had a hand gun they got out of the short confrontation shots fired use county detective ed Troyer the driver who originally got out of the truck first but the handgun struck by gunfire and died from those wounds servicing it may have been a case of self defense stopped at this point there's no charges for for nor rastro uses the case is being referred to the Pierce county prosecutor sad part is is that we have somebody is to cease to have just kept driving and went home and not had any of this topic Brian Calvert komo news volunteers from gold bar loaded up dozens a dozen trucks with supplies and made the trek up highway to yesterday to help their neighbors in need people in bearing and sky call which have been without power since last weekend we get the latest on that from Cuomo's Carlene John so they've got three feet of snow no power no road to get out cut off in bearing in Skykomish and they need help so neighbors in gold bar responded have so much respect for them to go up there and risked their lives to take supplies that are needed for these people that are in need Jennifer cook who lives in gold bar questions why the state the county hasn't stepped in to make sure everyone's okay gold bar mayor bill Klem says he did speak with governor Jay Inslee yesterday and told the governor what is neighbors up the mountain really need any help that we can get clearing that road highway to needs to get open because it's it's the lifeline for everyone that lives up in the sky valley if we can't get to highway two worst stock can once that road is completely clear of trees another down debris Puget Sound energy's Janet Kim says they will get in as fast as they can to make repairs we are working we haven't forgotten them eighteen hundred BSE customers out of power twenty four hundred out force the homeless PD many of those around Monroe and lake Stevens Carling Johnson come on news coming up on the come a morning news raising taxes without voter approval I'm core when he could be a new tool to fix homelessness that's a good time to check the drive because we get you've called low traffic every ten minutes on the floors struggle since it broke here this morning yes this situation in the Lakewood area we've got to a medical emergency that's blocking the right lane southbound I. five thorn lane eight is on scene traffic backed up pretty solid two state route five twelve was bound by twelve is affected as well heavy traffic approaching I five northbound I. five still struggling from fifty six street and comma often on into the five area northbound I. five often on heavy still from about federal way through took willow and again getting in the downtown Seattle if you hadn't over the mountains traction tires are required for Snoqualmie pass Stevens pass is still closed until further notice no word on when that's going to re open our next como traffic at eight fourteen a cloudy day we will likely see some showers at some point you might see a few snow flakes but no accumulation expected high forty five today a chance of rain and snow showers.

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