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While you play lands each turn and just pay your other stuff the camps in redlands you choose three camps the start of the out of six and these provide an ongoing ability h them. They provide an ability. You can use anytime you line and these were really shape how the game plays out some be aggressive and some won't be defensive but they'll have form combinations with each other and this is the thing a single camp you'll play many times but you plant with different combinations of other camps which makes every game really different and the pe- the people in the game like i'm you take something so the most common abilities just damaged is just a ten one of the other opponents count sideways now. You can only hit their people at the front. You come to decide which you're important people and which you're unimportant people and which of your camps are important that you want to put people in front of them so take something like rescue team. For instance. rescue team is a person but it can return one of your other people to hand each turn. You could pretend someone is injured to your hand and then play them again. Now every card in the game you can also discussed it for junk ability which is like a free icon in the corner of the count. You can pick something up off the table and then throw it away as that you can. I mean you can pick the the rescue teams themselves up. The opponent could applied an event. That's about to blow awhile. You'll stuff or you could have and you can use the rescue team to pick your people up and save them. Rescue team is just sort of one of many kumba pieces that this game has. I mean if i had two decks of magic that would be interesting to keep me interested for a while but the idea of this game is there are so many combos in there in a small box that the game adjust never the same. Even if they weren't three different camps each time that you could use this box has been designed to have a game in it that you can just play endlessly that is the objective of this design is not a game where you have to keep buying new staff or there's a million bits. It's just a little box. The people will be playing for years. Because we've been playing for years and was still really enjoying. Yeah that's very interesting. That goes a bit into the direction of the game that i am going to publish this year as well when it comes to being The box game having a lot of combination in there and playing more or less from from one deck And not having to build your own decks before you start playing for example so was anything in the starting point. What they're anything That you that you considered from magic the gathering and your experience with the game that you want to make different in the game for for redlands. So was there any specific. Let's say flaws magic or aspect of magic that you didn't want to have in redlands. Yeah there's a law so the game is nothing like a jake butt. Magic is so prevalent and so dominant sort of in. This card came area that it's useful to compare again to magic. I mean there are a million magic knockoffs that are basically magic with small modifications with this. I wanted to say what is magic. Achieving and how can i achieve it in a different white magic combat system. Way you have your own people. And i am use..

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