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Hey everybody welcome back to weekly dish we are live at the Minnesota state everybody thanks for joining us out here you guys it's a lovely day I mean it's kind of like you know it's a little cut it's a perfect day right it's a good eating game it's a good walking strong day definitely I love that so we're on day ten Minnesota people to I'm just gonna say we like our sweatshirts and a coat yeah we do we spend so much time in them it's like Fletcher weather yeah it is chunky sweater weather is definitely something I'm here for chunky scarves hats yeah I know that you wear so like ready for it so right now so okay obviously we've been out here a lot and we talk about we talk a lot about stay for food that's kind of our it's sort of we've you know what we were dining out on it a lot and it's interesting to me because the Minnesota state fair is one of the biggest you know state fairs in the country you know we come with taxes and we come comparing with Iowa this year Iowa seems to have gotten a lot of the press because of the politician and it's because the candidates because the candidates are all in Iowa and they came down and you know that so a lot of the national Press spent a lot of time at the Iowa state fair there's some interesting things that came out of that you know they were doing candidate watch and talking about how much food mayor Pete could eat you know that was an interesting remember why he took down the I was a fair and food I tell you what that's funny I know but that would be it like I don't want anyone to follow me around and we'll look at how much I'm eating they would don't gas earlier that day yeah exactly everything channel that know everything you do is metered and record got no chance of that no I know that but it's really interesting to me because there were some other pieces that came out of it they were talking about the you know about state fairs and cuisine and all this kind of seven there's a great one on either that I want to talk about because we talk about a lot of C. fair foods rated we eat things that we and we talk about the new food every year because that's really marking the evolution of the fair but there's something to say about the fact that we don't really talk about fair food as a cuisine you know what I mean like you don't you think of corn dogs and we talk about corners we look dogs in Prada pops and all the rest but like we don't really recognize it as its own cuisine it's not like we order corn dogs in restaurants you know in other restaurant I see where you're headed like you can get and there's definitely things here that are you know I mean like aggro on a stick is an egg roll you can find in many places the now that we've got to chit chat about the fact that kids cards are kinda less special because you can get them at most bars now true there on the appetizer menu so those of sort of cross over but you're not knowing you don't sit down at a bar and get a corn dog you know you don't get a primal pop you sure you do get fried pickles but like you know what I mean like doc from me is I'm waiting for those to make it on someone's Manuel I'm sure they are and just because we don't know but I'm sure that there are you know somewhere here locally that we can go and eat them because they were fantastic but okay so do you understand like no it's so interested you think it's interesting that we don't really treat that at the same time as the cuisine and yet when we come to the fair and we're talking about new foods and we're talking about all the stuff we say that's good but is it really fair food think about how many times we said that before you and I have said like that salad that you're talking about the red hot that yeah big hickory grilled sausage with arugula and a corn suck Attash is that really fair food no it didn't feel like their food it was delicious I loved it I want to eat it again it was the salad they had at teh house express but I was like Heidi it's it's amazing but it is a mean salad do you want me talent at the fair I don't know right well so this is the thing is like we don't for some reason we're not willing to recognize will celebrate all these crazy food in yet there's also the sort of thing where we sort of say that we know that it's an indulgence we know that it's a it's sort of you know like a treat here's what I think is the line between the cuisine and fair food you ready for this Stephanie this is a giant thought bubble it's either on a stick in the cone in a wrap like its hand held food so you would say if street food maybe it which is a very which also has its own designation already but not but it's different right because street food I mean we have street food fairs we have street food restaurants we have street food so drop yeah those are tackle cat has like two deep fried tacos like that's what the most novel thing in the world they're delicious during the trees on potatoes and a delicious walk sauce but it's it's literally on a stick so then it's like food or like the Nordic waffles waffles that's not really anything super unique their their heart shaped and they're thinner and they're using them as a Sam a trap and writing a man again a hand held rap so that's cool great for what was the other is a hot Indian earlier in the week had the belt which is this which is a street food that is very common and if you would serve that in a bowl in a restaurant it probably be a lot less sexy that you wouldn't it's any like it's meant to be walking in a calling with her spoon so this is just an interesting fact of they're saying this guy was saying is that there's a lot of reception read about the history of various you know state fair foods but they're never quite treated as part of a distinct singular cuisine even though this guy says they should be very few restaurants corn dogs funnel cake fried Twinkies and caramel apples on the same menu and often if they show up at all it's a winking allusion like a flock rock funnel cake and fine dining restaurants that just sounds gross yeah I mean I clock rock even say the words I know for what you think about it that's all okay it's kind of what Jimmy Malone's Paris Brest is like that was on the cover food and wine that's what that is yeah are usually you're right Hey right so they're saying the inventor of the pride oreo it has to San Diego restaurants but maintains a separate menu for his offerings at the Orange County fair these foods are built for fares and not just because so many of them come on a stick in an environment of sensory overload the flavor is we crave aren't sharp or spicy or bitter their fatty sweet and comforting amped up just enough that they feel like part of the spectacle summer is fried twenty season okay so that's interesting I'm just saying like and I agree with that it's like work it's it's all of it it's the walking it's the lights it's crazy mailing of it it's that stuff that gets you to the point where you can't let that go and so you're not looking for distinct and you're not looking for sharpen like you know like thrilling you're already thrilled by everything else which is so maybe that's why the cheese curds and the corn dogs and all the fatty comforting meeting you know things maybe that's why that is appealing to you well it is funny because like Laurie who was on the station one of her favorite fare foods as quesadilla junction yeah and I'm always like okay quesadilla like you could make that at home you can it's easy it's just a tortilla and cheese that's not my idea of like all welfare food right but yet I did eat the guacamole and chipset Tejas right not only ate it but like scoffed at but I think there's also a difference so I how many of you guys are here for the first time this year in twenty nineteen so this is their day one you know what I'm saying is right US we have a different space okay we are retaining fluid yes we are puffy we her salty like like by four PM and get my rings eagles like a princess what I'm saying is also for their day one they are just as excited they're just ready they're thrilled and ready to go on and we're like already done so that's why we're we're trying to configure the roadhouse sixty six of them like I don't know I guess that some some of them will say yeah it's interesting because I think that that it's like the thrill of it and the thrill of a day one it happens every day and it's hard for us to market but I think I realized it now like I feel I think I get it like it's taking me today ten but I think I get it I am starting to wonder what it's going to feel like when I'm not at the state fair when I haven't eaten six bowls of food boats are clones of food one I haven't had to craft beers yeah you know like you water life like I'm going to have a glass of water at that's going to be phenomenal yeah I know yeah it's funny we're gonna take a quick break you guys we come back we're going to actually talk about something that is not at the state fair chicken sandwiches we'll be right back this is the week that if a bunch of Alpharetta marcato my talk one of seven one everything.

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