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After six tries basf was the only one who said he'd come over he answered the phone yes this is beer so i said hey this is lb and he laughed real slow i told him i had a floor job and he said he was my man he could come any time they figured he was a smart alec in his twenties goodlooking with tattoos and spiky here a pickup truck and a dog he didn't show on the day he said he would but he called the next day said something had come up could he make it that afternoon sure later that day i saw the pickup heard him banging on my door but it took me a while to get there i get bad arthritis and also i get tangled up in my oxygen hose hold your horse is a yelled bf was holding on to the wall and to the banister gasping and coughing after he climbed the three steps he was an enormous man tall very fat and very old even when he was still outside catching his breath i could smell him tobacco and dirty wool rank alcoholic sweat he had bloodshot baby blue eyes that smiled i like tim right away he said he could probably use some of that air of mine i told him he should get him a tank but he said he was afraid he'd blow himself up smoking he came on in and headed for the bathroom it's not like i needed to show him where it was i live in a trailer in there aren't too many places it could be but he just stumped off shaking the place as he walked.

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