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A group with pretty intimately and i'm also a completely neurotic jewish means i'm sure that the new nazis will come for me and my family at any given moment so does a deep dark like monkey space in my brain that thinks every man woman and child should always be arm by any occasion but at the same time is i'm watching them was mr kennel club dow show in my kids the other day be shall as and this really lovely like white little fluffy become fiercer right winds bassin show and like i i think that it should be at least as hard to get an air fifteen in america as it is to get to be sure if we say reich as i could get a dog did to licensed dr you have to go to the vet like every year and prove that your huntable pet owner vaccine that latin hindes reasonable he asked to me dan adoption of it i guess as the fires done i'd have to say like here you go yes should have a licence for this thing renewed every year running of other should a codified that air about dogs what's right in her uh decision i say they can do a lot of damage a free say in a in a crowd is like oh my god cuteness his kids who might hear much there's no adb year the straight with the dog and you can't get to where you forget what you've it's an automatic anyway saying the dog just like unleash another rally i don't remember what you're going in there for yes it goes from a semi two full automatic cute i would say this that um what this highlighted yesterday was just said that they're happening every two and a half weeks school shootings yeah there's been eighteen i think at up till now and we here we are february twenty when i hear taine right so there's been 18 up till now it's just february you know like and this is becoming very commonplace and if you look at the picture look at if you were you watching the footage yesterday when you're looking at the footage it looked you know it's funny that de we don't call these terrorist attacks because for something that is not a terrorist attack it sure does look like rise a answered as look like one win when children are are being evacuated out in.

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