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My shudder cam rant for doctor scheifele, but it came into play here and I felt like we all knew the result a little bit better because of what we learned in the doctor shivu, you know, versus aloha west replay. But the delmar replay in the delmar pan camera in general is a little bit before the wire. In fact, it's I would argue a little ways before the wire. And so you always kind of have to favor the inside a little bit because there's even this race, it looked watching it live like the ten one pretty clearly and then you see that lower angle came and it actually looks like the 11 one and then the result come up and the ten one and it's kind of similar to exactly what happened in the sprint in terms of again live. I thought aloha west got up and then I saw the thing and I thought, well, doctor Shiva won. This is the greatest day of my life because I told everybody he was going to win. And then they put a blow I asked. You know, so like I said, I'll save that. Tomorrow will probably be rant day. Today is going to be just a recap these few races day, but a huge upset. You know, again, I talked about this last week. Like, I'm never, you know, I don't follow the racing in Japan. I'm never going to know I'm going to have to rely on friends and that follow that racing to talk about in fact, I'd say my two best European opinions were based on what Friends said because I didn't know. But this was obviously a huge upset with martial Lorraine for the Japanese connections, at least a trainer in racing. Murphy coming over to ride this one and a huge ten short of 50 to one end up paying one on one 80. And wins by nos over Dunbar wrote. I mean, the pace obviously completely bonkers, 21 and four, 44 and four, yes, the course was fast, but 21 and four with not only 21 four, but private mission kind of, you know, the truth and she dares the devil right on her heels. And as time goes by kind of found, I thought a pretty good spot, but I mean, this was like the definition of a fall apart race, right? Like the horses who were one, two, three, four, 5, 6 early, finished in the back 6 spots. And the horses who were 8th 9th or 7th 8th 9th tenth 11th all finished first through 5th. It was a true fall apart race. It did seem that the horses who got a little bit of a jump on Claire and royal flag benefited, but it was such a close scramble. They all had their chance in mid stretch, and they were fanned so far across the track. You know, when it's two horses battling, you really get a good perception of the depth of who's in front who's not. But when they're spread out and they're 5 deep, it was like, you really had a rooting interest. If you had clear air royal flag mallet Dunbar road or Marshall rain. Obviously, more people had Mali thought in the next most ad royal flag and so on. But just a mad scramble and again, I thought Dunbar rode it when I saw the replay, the shutter camp, but Mars Lorraine, with the upset, I think Chad Brown was quoted afterwards saying one of the toughest beats he's ever had, obviously, you know, it's a major major race. It's a horse he's had for quite a while. It's a dirt race, which I don't, I don't think those mean anymore to him, then the turf races, but I'm sure, you know, he likes to have a diverse resume and this certainly would have added to that. His dirt resume is fine. I still, you know, I know he's great at turf. I think he's very good at dirt. I think it's just the greatness on turf sometimes overshadows that. But yeah, this was wild. It was so wild. You're exactly came back $513, 49 to one over 12 to one. You're a 50 cent trifecta $2000. Time super 2200. Man. Big, big upset, a huge separator in all the late bets. You know, because you're talking about, we had some favorites in this late sequences. You know, in the mile, I kept calling space blue spaceballs. The movie. But, you know, you had that was the favorite. Form for, right? And your beer was certainly not a long shot Knicks go was certainly not a long shot. But with that 50 to one in there, your late pick four pays 4400. Obviously, a tough force to get and from an odd standpoint, but also I think so many people betting on it just not entirely familiar with the horse as we are with Dunbar road in Mali thought, clear who we've seen here domestically. Throughout the year. And yeah, big win for a martial rain. Well, why don't we wrap that up here? Like I said, we'll talk a lot of breeders kept throughout the week. I haven't decided if we'll do any guests or not. I'm hoping to do at least one guest throughout the week, just to kind of mix things up. But with traveling and all that doing the jury and stuff is not going to happen this week, but we'll, you know, we'll get you all squared away. We'll talk a lot of breeders cup fun. Really appreciate you guys tuning in. Hope you had a good breeder's cup and we'll talk more about it tomorrow. Everybody have a great rest of your Monday..

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