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Com your shot at one thousand dollars now tags the nationwide two hundred two hundred you'll get a confirmation text data entry to lying in this nationwide contest trains to two hundred two hundred making money is your creed here's the info that you your ID cards the Bloomberg markets on seven hundred W. L. W. Jeff villages standby and Jeff we have is good news for as far as homeowners are concerned fewer people are upside down yeah well the scene of people in danger of losing their homes Mike number of homeowners in danger of foreclosure fell last year to the lowest level in fifteen years Adam data solution says there were fewer than half a million for closure filings of all types last year that includes default notices scheduled auctions bank repossessions that was down twenty one percent from twenty eighteen and down up eighty three percent from the peak which it came in twenty ten all right issues with the going back southwest the sides are going to keep him grounded till when still June six at least southwest is a pulled the jetliner from its flight schedule through that date the carrier says it is confident the seven thirty seven Max will be safe once it is re certified by the Federal Aviation Administration but it's not counting on that happening any time soon apparently drivers or concern Morgan Stanley would make enough money they can rest easy they made plenty Morgan Stanley posted stronger than expected quarterly results the Wall Street firm saw a massive surge in bond trading revenue at the end of twenty nineteen investment banking revenue increased eleven percent Morgan Stanley's annual profit jumped to an all time high with investment banking revenue increasing eleven percent and a Morgan Stanley shares are higher premarket lastly haven't shop Louis Vuitton awhile well they're going to have a mug going I was just gonna make much of jewelry jewelry out of what all of the S. second largest diamond ever found it's one thousand seven hundred fifty eight carat diamond discovered last year by Lou carat diamond corporation it was at in a mine in Botswana the value of the items created when the diamond is cut and polished is uncertain though the huge diamond is not of a type that normally yields Papa Johns okay so features are there still positive S. and P. futures are up ten points nasdaq futures are up thirty two Dow futures are up seventy from the Bloomberg news Rome I'm Jeff Ballenger on newsradio seven hundred WLW all right it is eight eleven at seven under W. L. W. and joined by.

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