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The imf hacked on the deficit and not look at the impact on the on the issues you talk about medicaid the total number of uninsured what information could the cbo possibly provide you might make you support the grand cassidy bill well i actually expect that cbo with hate they're going to reinforce that studies that you just mentioned all of which i have digested over the past couple of weeks or at that cbo it's going to say that they simply don't have the time to do a thorough and that sped you remember when as cbo did they announced since the first senate pell and the house stella what's very thorough in analysing the impact on the number of people would lose insurance on the impact have changing pain medicaid program and by the way we've been making kingpins huge change it said medicaid without the benefit of extensive carrying send that's what we would wait need and i had so i don't know whether the cbo analysis we'll have new information and fab wade i change where i'm inclined to had uh but it is normally at the way we proceed is to look at the cbo analysis i'm i'm going to now tomorrow morning weather now cbo reinforces they concerns and reservations said i already hat based on studies that teams cited our weather cbo i it's going to say that they can't come up with the kind of indepth announced announces set the agency usually does or maybe therapy as surprised than they are i don't anticipate that bad i.

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