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Is going to be 20 years. Since 9 11 and we've seen so many different news items. We've seen so many different things on Sports Council across the country taking us back to that day that horrific day that happened in this country involving the twin towers involving close to the Pentagon and also in Pennsylvania. And the one thing that always sticks out of my mind. When I was living in the Hudson Valley in upstate New York and Highland, New York and me and a friend of mine we're going to hang out that day. How beautiful that day was not a cloud in the sky. Brilliant sunshine was about 85 86 degrees, You could not have picked a more perfect day. To not have something like that happened that just took everybody around the world and always think back to how sports was a huge, huge factor. Some people still have not been able to heal Jordan from what happened 20 years ago as of Saturday, but sports played a huge, huge role in the healing process. Music did that as well, Never get the concert they had in New York City with the Who, and you, too, and everybody like that, but I always go back to certain sports moments. Running onto the field. The flag with the New York Jets have met lifestyle with the New England Patriots. Those kinds of things still resonate years later, no matter how there was exactly and juicy brothers, no doubt about that. No doubt. You know, it sticks out to me also where some of the baseball moments uh Piazza. Even though I'm a Yankee fan that might be as a home run in that game was unbelievable. Uh, the president at the time, throwing out the first pitch in President Bush. I think I think that might be like one of my one of my top things. And the Yankees 70 year they played the Diamondbacks. I think in the playoffs, absolutely. The World Series the Diamondbacks Take the memories of that playoff run there. I mean, there was it was You can. You can remember the patriotism in the way that the country came together. I think that that's to me 20 years later as we sit here, that's the one thing that I heard Jason Garrett talked about. Remember Jason Garrett was Player for the Giants on that team right at the time in 2000, and one Jim Jim Fossil was the coach Jim Fassel made that one of his like missions. Basically, he was Made part of his life mission after that, too. Help out people that were involved in 9 11 who impossible by the way just passed, but and with Jason Garrett said, and what Jim Fossils always said I heard Bobby Valentine's save again today. Was that the amazing part was the way it helped. Everybody come together afterwards. True, thank and that's one of the things that kind of sticks with me. 20 years later, is like you know what I wish It was like that more often where we've been for such a No, the country especially in the past year or two. Has been sort of the other direction, right? Yeah, totally separated. Uh, back then, after this Awful tragedy kind of brought everybody together and you really felt that over like that. I don't know for a while Afterwards. I know what you what you remember from that, but that that sticks out to me big time. It's one of those things because we always have heard by the way is Jordan one on in for Erin Fitzsimmons on Freddie Coleman and Freddie Fitzsimmons on ESPN Radio, the ESPN atmospheres as a child, 80. We've always heard whether it's inside of sports or outside of sports. If you have a close knit community or close knit country that any kind of adversity is going to bring the country together, is going to bring communities together, and we saw plenty of that for the longest, longest time. It's amazing that in 20 years that we've gone from that Communal atmosphere to where we are in a lot of places in the country Now, whether it's politics, whether it's vaccines are not enough people not wanting to get the vaccines, whether it's what chauvinism over here or racism over there, it seems that they're more polarizing factors. That of fracturing the country and you shouldn't need a catastrophe along the lines of what happened 20 years ago to bring people together because we've seen that where it's something like that happens and people have that closeness and let everybody know that if we can get through this together that togetherness with something that was huge and sports a big part of that, because, yes, sports is always about together, coming together as a team and being very self less And not very selfish for the common good in the greater good when it comes to victories, or even just playing the game and doing the game the right way. It kind of kind of reminds me of like the I know this was years later at the moment when At the baseball game when they fans found out that they had killed Osama bin Laden. Mhm and then they were like, you know, cheering in the stands USA like that, that kind of stuff that gives you goose bumps like that's what it was, like 20 years ago. Afterwards as well, with just everybody coming together and everybody People going down there and to ground zero and helping out and just Going out of their way to make sure that they were trying to help. Other people and the kindness and and, uh, thoughtfulness that everybody should lot of people showed at that time was Was really something unique that we don't we don't see very often, especially on a regular basis, especially my sister worked down not too far from where the towers hit. Her office is about four blocks away, and I'll never forget when all that was going down. And you couldn't even get through on the phone. There was no service, no phone. Nothing going into New York. And that was probably the longest 11 hours of my life warning if she was okay and hoping that she was okay, and they find out that she was, it brought a sense of relief, but then was also a sense of despair because so many other people. At lost loved ones in the towers of the firemen and fire woman that went back into the towers to save people. It's hard to believe that that was 20 years ago, because at times during it seems like it was 200 years ago. And then the other time was 20 minutes ago. It really does, And so There's going to be a lot of emotion when it comes to that 20 years ago, 9 11 happening and not just this country change, but the whole world change and a lot of people never, ever going to forget. That day. This is Freddie Fitzsimmons with John Brennan and Freddie Coleman on ESPN Radio, the ESPN APP and Sirius XM Channel Lady..

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