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Hear that. That's the sound of a patient whose health data is protected from a cyberattack. And that, that's the sound of a financial system that's digitally secured from bad actors. Right now, there's an invisible war being fought on a digital battlefield that impacts what we do every day. That's why it periton. We do that can't be done to help protect the vital systems we rely on, because if we don't, the alternative is unimaginable. Periton. This is WTO news. A fugitive who was part of a sex trafficking ring in Virginia, Maryland and the district was sentenced to 18 months in prison. Ramon campos Murillo fled the U.S. for Mexico to avoid arrest. Authorities tracked him down though in 2021, an extradited him from Mexico earlier this year to face charges. The Justice Department says Campbell's Murillo helped arrange the prostitution and drove the young women to the locations, at least 7 other people were convicted in sex trafficking offenses in the scheme. The Justice Department says it also operated in Delaware and other places. Two people were taken to the hospital this morning after a metro access car crashed. The crash happened on rock creek church in northwest D.C. right before 8, a spokesperson for Walmart tells WTO P, the metro access car, hit two parked cars before tipping over. The driver and the person who was on board fortunately are expected to be fine. Two D.C. convicts have been killed at a federal prison in Louisiana. D.C. delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton calls these targeted attacks and wants to see the bureau of prisons do more. People convicted of some D.C. code offenses are housed in federal lockups, the only non federal prisoners held in those institutions. After the deaths and other attacks against D.C. inmates housed at a federal penitentiary near Pollock Louisiana, Eleanor Holmes Jordan fired off a second letter in three weeks to the head of the U.S. bureau of prisons, calling for district corrections officials to be allowed to see inside that and other prisons where D.C. prisoners are held Norton wants those inmates housed closer to the district where they will be closer to families and support networks. Ian Crawford news. He's prosecuted thousands of criminal cases and Stafford county. But now he's switching sides and we'll be sitting at the defense table in Northern Virginia courtrooms. When you're a prosecutor seeking justice for the community, there's nobility in that. But Ryan Fitzgerald's got a family to support, so now he's a partner in a law firm as a defense attorney. He used to try to prove someone was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Where a defense attorney may see problems or issues come up in the prosecution's ability to maintain that standard, then those are things that can be litigated and pointed out. And that's what makes the system work. He knows most criminal cases never go to trial and end with a player agreement. It's not about fighting. It's about reasonable outcomes. It's about appropriate outcomes. It's about right outcomes. Money

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