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And maybe you could elaborate more only became a Celtics fan after the two thousand eight championship series and the odd. Couple connection that struck me was big baby. And re John Rondo maybe you could elaborate because I really don't know the background. But what I remember is when they traded big baby version Rondo never really adjusted to that. No. He was pretty text because big baby Glenn Davis was one of his best buddies. I will say this though, Rondo pretty much has a hard time with anybody. So when he finds a friend that's frustrating for him because he's the kind of guy who's more like a loader. I mean, he he tends to sit to rub people the wrong way. He's been abrasive. He's a great player. Righties are amazing passer. I liked him. Paul pierce? So I had a difficult. You know that they they didn't get along or there was friction between them. But I remember one of the things if you can recall, it was something the phrase, they use with Shrek, and whatever that other person is odd couple, I guess the people in the Shrek movies, but they said it was like Shrek and whoever guy what was that donkey was at the guy. So I think so, but I always I always felt bad that I thought that whoever had made that trade really ruined it for the Celtics for next few years. That was Danny Ainge. Yeah. Well, I don't want to put everything on him. I do love Paul Pierce Sam I've become a big fan of his. So whatever you have anything on about him. I really appreciate it. Thank you, Pat. Great to talk to you in Massachusetts. That's at great comment about Rondo in pretty much. Anybody else have to let you go because we're at the top of the hour yet Rondo and all of the other Celtics like Paul Pierce. Like Ray, Allen light. Kevin garnett. They were like brothers their brothers. They fought a lot. They did bring out the best in each other though to the point where they want a championship together. Who are your oddest.

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