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Start living on their own again. She says college kids looking to rent will probably have to pay more. With rents going up. Let's check out the 91 can conditions on the 91. If you're coming out of Corona looks like one of the only places where we're loading up. It's going to be 91 westbound between about Lincoln and Green River. Definitely going to have a lot of companies. You make your way through Corona, Calif. I and this guy is sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bond issue on the four or five you better around my ex, but first if you're around still vitro. Palm Beach. It's still pretty good drive so you can relax up to about the 1 10. It's getting slow, reduced speeds up to the 105. But the problem is north that would just barely north of the airport. North time. Four or five. Howard used all friends supposed their car sitting on the off front throughout a guest. So just be careful, but the freeway itself. It's traditionally slow from the one Oh, five up to the 10. So nothing too unusual there and earlier if you're still driving this way more on the 91 this time around, Compton But East and West 91 actually just west of the 7 10, there was a dog running around there is some westbound slowing. Hopefully the dog is still running or maybe saved But be careful. Saving anything on the freeway is pretty dangerous. Injured in an accident visit superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff KF eye in the sky. Glendora on the 2 10 west of the 57 had a fuel spill here on the right shoulder. So still some activity going on trying to clean that up. You're driving the 2 10 westbound from Glendora from the 57 to the 605 that adds about three or four minutes to your ride, Not a big deal. KF eye in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm robbin banks. The Clippers will be looking to pull ahead of the Utah Jazz in Game five of their tied playoff series tonight at seven. The series winner will face.

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