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I just think it's interesting. Well it's not fair and unfortunately it's easy because who the hell talks back pete. Sure did we were only supposed to talk for forty five minutes and this last part was the one hour thirty minute mark of the original recording. I didn't even include the longest sides. He had about the california teachers association. Man but i appreciated the talk. I wanna thank p and his longtime adviser. Sean walsh for allowing it to happen. This episode was hosted and reported by me gustav audio and produced by abby. Fintor swanson our engineers mike heflin at the la times students. Our theme music is south side by nina. The ost courtesy of nacional records a special shoutout to marlin bishop fudo studios for helping us make this. Podcast our editors at the los angeles times are hecker becerra johnson shelby grad and julia turner. See you next time. Hey have you listened to in the bubble. With andy slavic yet. It's been a source of comfort and insight for so many people by answering all of their big and little questions about the pandemic andy. The host has returned to the show after months serving as the white house senior adviser for covert response. This many season is called in. The bubble are shot. It covers vaccination efforts and reflects on the year and a half. We just had and unpack what we've learned about equality society and ourselves. This is our.

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