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Team M V P from last season. Alex Shilling back in the Nets tonight, and that game that he played last Sunday at Niagara. He only son nine shots. He gave up four goals in that game, his last three starts. Has really struggled. He didn't finish either game against Robert Morris or that game against Niagara. Hopefully, Alex Schilling is back to the form from last season because their force is going to need him to be great tonight against the Lakers biggest problem, giving up one shot goals. See how he does it. We look over Alex shilling shoulder and watch the puck down at center ice hips down and we are underway with period number one Niagara, rather nurse here skating right toward us. Right now. They bring the puffed into the air Force end after winning the opening Captain women around behind showing who tried to cut it off, Missed it. But Brandon Cook comes over, finds 11 11 tried do hit Harper near the Blue Line. Mouse got his stick on it, and it's up and out of play a line drive right into the Air Force bench. One personnel change for Air Force you mentioned earlier. Jay Bennett Norton. Norland is out of the lineup tonight with an ankle injury. Andrew Cruise, normally a defenseman, he's playing right wing again. He's played all four games. This season that he's been in the lineup at right wing. He's on that for flying with occupancy in Adam's face off right in front of the air Force bench, the puck along the wall getting a stick on it is known. Then he is knocked down coming over picking it up. Garages to Maynard Maynard will send it in. Falcons go after it. Dass kiss doesn't get there in time. The Lakers haven't they come? Into the air force in on a rolling clapped. It's rolling right in on Alex Schilling, who gloves it down in the paint on several other line changes for Air Force. The combinations. The top line Nate Horn centering.

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