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Mark with a news update. A man shot by an L. A County sheriff's deputy at the harbor U. C. L. A medical center has died. Sheriff in a way this is Nicholas Berg owes had become unruly at the center in October, Sheriff says. Burr goes, then tried to attack a deputy who's trying to restrain him and the deputy open fire. The man died November 1st, but the department has just released the information. Critics say the deputy should have waited for a mental health team to arrive before shooting. The news is brought to you by veteran own semper Solaris dot com. Prosecutors in L. A county of charged two men with dozens of counts of voter fraud. One of the two was facing 10 additional charges. Prosecutors say he submitted more than 8000 fraudulent voter registration applications between July and October of this year. He's also accused of falsifying names, addresses and signatures on nomination papers. Run for mayor in Hawthorne. Some Republican lawmakers who support President Trump are refusing to admit the recent election was ethical, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says everything was above board and that will continue to be the case. Going into Inauguration day. We're gonna have an orderly transfer. From this administration to the next one. What we all say about it. Frankly irrelevant. Maker of OxyContin, once a bankruptcy court in New York to approve a settlement with the Justice Department. Aaron could too risky, says the deal with Purdue Pharma includes a guilty plea and $8 billion in penalties. Several states and opioid victims opposed the settlement because they said, it's too lenient on the controlling Sackler family. And they said the company would never pay the sticker price since it lacks the money. The Justice Department is called The agreement significance since it requires produce Pharma to admit to three felonies and directs any money collected two communities ravaged by opioid. Abuse and the Christmas event in Orange County has kids favorite guy hit in the we hitting? I should say the waves, you'll still be able to see Santa surface Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point this weekend. The surfing Santa Competition is where guys gals and kids get to dress up like the big man or any other holiday inspired characters and serve Salt Creek. The contest will have a social distance set up and safety guidelines for Spectators and competitors. There will be food and beverages for the contestants, but those in the social distance crowd will have to bring their own snacks. Drinks. The competition raises funds for surfers healing. Rob Newton care fine news. It is slow on the five.

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