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You. Was it wasn't like it really wasn't that bad. But he reacted in such a strong way kind as if like he is like, you know, like he didn't need it in additional whatever ailment who's going through whatever. You know, he's he's probably been interfering two months. But it's just a we don't know the degree that maybe always going to be injured forever. Well, that's that's a deep major point. You can't overstate. I don't have to point at me. That's it feel like you're. You're object. Objection your honor. Dan. I did my trial for a couple years. All right, pal. So but seriously, that's that is the deeper bigger thing with all of this. If he's going to be consistently injured, even when they're resting getting all this treatment stuff. We know how big he is. He's got all this muscle. You can hurt yourself. Just make it a routine move and practice non contact like for a guy like this to continue to deal with all these issues, and they keep lying about it. And he's only gonna get older and deal with more, wear and tear, the long term health questions. We were asking like a year and a half ago. Nonce nonstop about Embiid. We gotta start thinking about those questions again. Ellen brands is taking the job is. I think shown a lot of poise. With the treaties made. And then Huston his job. I thought he did a great job handling the the full comments to like, you know, delivering not really very bench, by the way. Folks was somebody sent me an Email? Not. Okay. Okay. But you know, he's otherwise been had a pretty poise year. But this could have just been a, you know, he's a rookie Jim because there's been a rookie Jim steak. Sixty four games. You know, I won't let me go to Bill because spills been waiting forever, and we'll get back into this conversation. The second bills on ninety four WPA Bill. How are you? Just thinking to watch and for the first game of the season. Inclusion. I'm sure why people have the bullpen could be a major problem this year. Showers cliche. Don't put this year. I be okay with that. Well, you gotta have somebody out there. But the real problem is that they need a real closure. Important role was in while, you know, you're gonna have to go to two thousand eight all you know, all teams need a real close. But the problem is Bill right now naming a real close to even valuable real. Kimmel wants too much money. And I don't know what Kimble's status is today like how good Kimble's going to be. Rivera needs any certain. Kimbrell own and we don't even know when he's going to be ready to take a guess on your to. Yeah. You can't get. Because we Bryant Kobe Bryant scored sixteen game when he was thirty seven years old. Thirty seven years old. And we'll put you on hold in just one impaired tickets that final game. I think it was that that game was a circus. That was one of the biggest joke circus games that I've ever seen was Kobe's last game. Was that? Yeah. Yeah. There you go. Yeah. Yeah. That was a cloud shows. The game of sixteen though is the less sixteen April thirteenth six stat line. Had fifty shots. Yeah. How old was he when he did the eighty? Well, that was ten years before then so twenty seven okay, I thought he was even older than that. When he did he eighty what would we are you on over? Oh, I started looking up who would you say to you MVP candidates? Are this year? Westberg harden? Well, in order Janas harden Miana system winner. Yeah. Three stuff. You can go Paul, George, George. I actually I would put carry three. That's. I already looked up. Impede played sixty four games. This year. I'm bringing up this MVP thing because there are you? And I have a bet over it. And plenty of other people think Embiid should be an MVP conversations so far hardened played in seventy eight games west book, seventy two Paul George seventy seven. Mike, very good at this kind of stuff. How many games do you think? Steph carry played in this year. Sixty eight let's take well net would put him in embiid's level there. He pretty damn good Mike you one game sixty nine but there's still still nobody as low as in BJ. He's still the lowest. I'm just saying when I bought up that question. You really got a big rise is just going to be hurt. All the time. I'm just saying I'm looking at all the MVP candidate so far and every single one of them will play more games in be. All right. Well, this one of you can get 'em beat a a win on Koa Leonard. Oh, he missed a bunch. Right. He probably checks in around fifty five, but that's not him. Traditionally, right. But last year he. A year of his prime. Last year was a bizarre thing that went down. But now, I it's legitimate to bring them up. A speaking of people throughway, you're the prime Anthony Davis as well. I I've our own Anthony Davis. And by the way that thing he shows. Said that's all folks and claims his son just grab the shirt on his way onto door. I thought he also said that he has clothes laid out for them. People aren't playing these sun on. Not blame. But I think I think he put up his son. I didn't. But what that church said. For him to say, well, this is day. After Alvin gentry said, he gets terrible advice. Yeah. Which I mean, he's right. Yeah. You said he's a good guy. Listening to people. What he said. Yeah. He threw win that. He's a good guy. You know? But then say the good guy who listens on people, which to me is pretty much the same thing as saying nice guy when he sober. That was a big line in my neighborhood. And that always meant that the dude was never sober. That's what really truly meant whenever anybody said that only beat people up when he's drunk the night sky when he sober. Oscar..

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