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Around one closes tonight, Game seven rockets and Thunder 40 seconds to go in the 1st 18 footer. Good runner ties the game. Nobody picked him up. He dribbled away almost to the fire line open. Look, Russell Westbrook driving hard and he scores on a lay in stopping a 70 thunder road paint myself. He drove all the rib and nobody picked. Nobody picked him up. He had an open. Look, I got you, PJ. Oklahoma City, where they tend to run to close it. It is the thunder who have a 30 to 29 lead over the rockets, and they've done this despite committing seven turnovers in that opening quarter accused him which has been beguiled by turnovers in their losses. In this series, they have just one thunder authority. Rockets 29 We go to the second quarter inside Orlando's bubble had been health arena with PJ Colosimo. Here's Marquess. Kevin PJ. The main reason broke a sea of those shooting percentages. Yeah, they're shooting 55 from the field 50 from downtown 5 10 rockets got 14 brings up already there. 5 14, But like Tony's gonna be happy about that. Also only one turnover. Russell Westbrook on the floor without James Harden to start the second Westbrook drives and had it knocked away by Steven Adams, who was right in the middle of the passing lane. Here's Chris Paul the other way using Adam's a straighter bounces into the rolling Adam's filed shot. No good. Steven Adams will shoot two. We'll tell you when he gets the ball underneath. He looks like he's talent over everybody else used to with their small lineup. Steven Adams. It's a foot taller and everybody is not that big. But he's got to make free throws, though. Is that the ball inside when they follow, he's gotta convert free throws an inch shy of 7 FT. For Steven Adams from New Zealand to its first of two free throws. Thunder 31 Rockets 29 are second consecutive Game seven. Denver advancing to face the Clippers tomorrow night and tonight's winner. To advance to face the Lakers on Fridays. Atom splits the bear ate for 19 from the free throw line. Gotta finish inside down to Russell Westbrook drives hard flicks it in to tie the game. That's why the points in the paint total come up brushes not taking many freeze, which is a good idea, and he's attacking the rim. The one at the end of the quarter but largely been a driver, but you have to take the body to have to take it. Benesch router from the left tryto Pass it inside. Can't find Adam gives it up. Gets it back here, Shooter driving spinning, lost his balance and they're gonna call a foul against annual house. I would have lost his balance to Daniel Houses going. What do I do? Their feet may have gotten tangled doesn't have to be intentional about getting replay from our brothers. And sisters. That's two fouls on Houston here in the opening minutes of the second quarter, will inbound gets into Adam's baseline. Left handed dribble his way to the mid post Pass on top to Chris. Paul. Paul swings at right side shooter fakes The three on Gordon back to Paul. He'll get off a good looking three circles. The Raman falls out Good shoes. Got CP a really good look and it didn't go down. So Westbrook taking Gildas Alexander to the post. They're nearly knocked it away. Russell works in around over to the right side, Tucker. Now Gordon has it on the right wing, right in front of the Houston bench will shoot contested three basically got a hand on it. Houston has it with two to shoot back to Gordon, missing the three rebound, basically trying to rip it away from Tucker, and he does, and he nearly turned it over on the outlet pass, like the officiating didn't blow the whistle. They let him wrestle for shrewder walks into a three missed every bound uncontested. Tucker in the Rockets raining down from both teams Up ahead. It's Russell Westbrook and the left post backing spinning, fading firing and missing balls. Got it for. Okay. See that wasn't keen shot. But it wasn't a shooting. Paul 35 years of age driving by Tucker Lay up is he Does a somersault out across the baselines has been relatively quiet. He always looks like he could decide what he wants to score. It's time for me to score five points to go with four rebounds and four assists. Undertake the lead. 33 31 Eric Gordon at the tip of the circle will send it right side. Tucker flips it to Jeff Greene for three. All net for Jeff Green off the bench, not an easy shot. He dribbled out of the left corner came out left corner for a handoff, so going away from the basket up the sideline and knocked it down. Seven off the bench for green rockets. Take the lead 30 for 30. 3.5 to go first half game seven guilders. Alexander Against Westbrook tried to drive on Russell cuts him off past Backto half court Paul late on the clock for the shot clock..

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