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It moves into the Atlantic on Monday. I'm Ben Thomas. Russian forces have pounded the city of Les chans and its outskirts in an effort to capture the last stronghold in eastern Ukraine's new Hans province. Ukrainian fighters have battled for weeks trying to defend the city against Russian forces. The neighboring city of Sevilla Donetsk fell to the Russians a week ago. Meanwhile, in Donetsk, the major city of slovyansk still under Ukrainian control endured cluster munitions from the Russian military, several people were killed from the attack. Li hanska neighboring Donetsk are the two provinces that make up the Donbass region. Russia has focused its offensive on the Donbass ever since putting back from northern Ukraine and the capital Kyiv in the spring. I am Karen Chammas. AP sports on Dave ferry in the mets continue to own a three and a half game lead over the braves atop the NL east. Mike Mia kuso is at the Met's four three one over the rangers. David Peterson earned his 5th win. He struck out ten with no walks in 6 innings. I think it was just attacking the zone, being able to get a lot of first pitch strikes and kind of put them behind the ball and be able to use the counters I wanted. The med school and all their runs against Glenn Otto in the fourth inning highlighted by Eduardo Escobar's three run Homer. The braves kept pace as Austin Riley and dansby Swanson homered in a 9 one romp over the reds, manager Brian snicker got 7 great innings for max fried. Kind of felt like he got his second win the last couple of really. And that's big, you know, with everybody we had to pitch the last few days and it was good that he could go 7 innings. Reese Haskins homered and the Phillies turned to three zero deficit into a 5 three win over the Cardinals. It's nice to get a win to start a series. Like we didn't do against the brace. The Dodgers were 5 one winners over the pod races, Tony Gosselin pitched into the 8th inning, improved to ten and O and lowered his major league leading ERA to 1.54. The cubs Marlins at Diamondbacks were the other NL winners. The pitching performance of the night was from Christian Xavier, who allowed one hit while failing 14 over 7 innings of the Astros 8 one thumping of the angels. Jake byers homered and had three RBIs while enjoying Javier's mound effort. He threw incredible. He's just a great I came up with him, so I mean, it's nothing new to me, but to do it here is just a

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