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Jodie Mac you're not getting what you're on a Sunday CBS sports radio got a half an hour or so to play certainly would love to hear from you know my phone lines eight five five two one two four two two seven thanks those who said in tweets I told you I had a really good tweet as the potential it is Baghdadi tweeted today yeah little rejoinder interruptus there these two that I'm gonna read in a second I just want a answer but they are not going to top the previous leader and still leader for mac Daddy tweeted today but I do want to just put him out there for a sec are from the real Jimbo he said a mac man you said you talked to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle about the horrible bill o'brien but you didn't say what he said could you expand on that Walpole trade off played coach awful GM we're all heart broken down here I thought I did but if I didn't let me just quickly review all right John McClain said yesterday when asked how much pressure bill o'brien is under his answer was none that the relationship between o'brien and the owner right now is so strong that o'brien will be given a lot of latitude do you've won four of the last six divisions and they did win a playoff game this past year even though they did pull out one of the biggest leads in postseason history an unanswerable Bali and give up fifty one idea entered points they did the winner David didn't make the playoffs and they did what a playoff game so medley status per tutti eyes of John McClain he thinks that's what the owner's eyes are looking through it Brian I you and I choose real jumbo two more emphasized the mishandling of the de Andre Hopkins situation the blowing up that usually the embarrassing loss to the Kansas City Chiefs I'm looking more at that than the other factors I disagree with John he should know better than me he's there every single day probably does but I think I know what football the way National Football League teams react and the light if they go six and ten I think bill o'brien is done I don't think he can survive a losing embarrassing season after the end of last season and the offseason detection divide till this point are you also mentioned that o'brien has an outstanding relationship with deshaun Watson they're young stud star franchise quarterback which will help we'll chill them some I know for him to potentially save his job if we go six and ten I'd say no John McClain would say yes but we got to see the season play out and if they go nine and seven when a wild card make the plant maybe win a wild card game if you lose a wild card game yeah I'll take John it is worried that I can will get kicked down the road any evaluation will still go on and we get may get another year of bill o'brien coach and general manager or they could even try and split the baby and just making that culture bring someone else in as the GM that he would report to the other tweet I did wanna read before I go back to the phones come from denke Dann who said Jodi Mack Tom Brady is over rated and has been for years I guarantee you lets people care about this then the big networks are pushing everyone to believe I assume he means the big networks and me since I've talked about it plenty the entire trade after hours that show we've gone through so far the AFC north will go to the Superbowl this year one of their teams hash tag T. P. twelve is a good respect said you were a sad little hashtag blight is general premise of Tom Brady is overrated how can the greatest quarterback of all time be overrated you've got to quantify your stand a little bit better than just leaving it add he's over rated and has been for years if you want to say Tom Brady is not a top five quarterback anymore make that point or top ten or top fifteen last year he was rated the nineteenth quarterback in starters did qualified in the National Football League so Hey you could even argue is further than outside the top fifteen I would argue given better team may give it better weapons he could still be better than that there's a lot of ways you can figure out exactly where guy slots it it is ranking in a given year in quarterbacks in the National Football League but he can't be overrated he's the greatest of all time is one more simple than anybody I've got a more suitable than anybody else here's what he is he's the goat so you can't be over rated when you say overrated I have to take into consideration his entire career that's what he's rated on if you want to say Josh toward twenty twenty okay it's why not send better tweet said a more explanatory tweet is sorry Jimbo you ARE or Dechy Dan you just drop the ball but I appreciate your tweet Michelle just to say I want to come back want to run the phones for the rest of the.

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