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Here Adam Karol over there as we spent Monday and yesterday talking about rules changes we'd like to see in the NFL and there are so many different ways we could go here but you know what let's keep on rolling with some rules changes and and be complete about it our old POW longtime listener way act to the Adam Corolla show on the Radio Scott Perkins Aka at Umass. JSP drop us a line with an idea about as we talk about the these rules here why not in the NFL since you it's not anymore that you used to be you'll recall as that if you cut the ball Oh and defender pushed you out even if you didn't have your feet down if you've got pushed out but you would have landed him bounce it was a good catch they didn't change that rule and said you still need to get your two feet down so that why don't the defenders try to catch the receiver essentially and carry them out of bounds so he doesn't put his feet down it's kind of interesting thought well it's a skill so I mean you watch some of these games now some all but some in particular and you see some of these guys punching the ball all out but not slapping the ball out closed fist roundhouse widowmaker smack on the ball and you're like that is a technique that didn't exist peanut Tillman basically mastered it if didn't create I mean every time he was in on a tackle the great Chicago Bears DB was always a master it just punched in that ball out I've I've seen some games recently where I mean it was literally like Roberto Duran throwing a body shot and full closed fist and you make good contact with the ball and running back doesn't stand a chance I don't know if you in a way it's like you almost have to change the rule books where it's like how Oj didn't have half as many fumbles as half these new guys are Jim Browner Whomever Brian Picolo didn't fumble nearly but yeah he wasn't having the ball punt you can see it when how you know it's different uh-huh and it's a learned skill for NFL players that college kids in even the high end ones there is a large percentage of them that Rugowa fumbling early Oh he's a fundraiser that's because those nfl guys are now so proficient at doing that and like you say it's just something nobody did twenty years ago now these guys are all drilled Marlon Humphrey did it a couple of weeks ago to Juju Smith Schuster over time and swung the game they are masterful at reaching in their bonk just punching that thing out in college kids it takes a season or two like oh I got to protect the ball differently than I always have right so you're sort of advancing skill that if I would have done it with any of my pop warner coaches they would have benched you because they go you take two hands you wrap the guy this is fundamental ever you don't go by the way I as I now recall I hear the Voice of do Gallagher Mr Fitzgerald in my head they would tell you you don't tackle the ball tackle the player Paul you miss you know whatever it is now that all those rules are out the window so this light punching out a ball technique that would have been found upon this now may become a new technique as it pertains to punching the ball out and look for guy goes in the air and you can carry him like a fireman carries an elderly woman out of a burning building. God bless Ya if you're that good that sounds easier than it actually would be it catch a two hundred and twenty pound human up in the air and carry him out well there's also an element of you'd have to be someone ocean thing so it would only apply if you're within striking distance because the raft could blow it dead with the forward motion so I'm all for it here's a bigger question we're doing all these rules all the safety rules all these leading with the helmet and helmet to helmet and Baba Blah we don't have any rules about balling a fist and punching at the guys hard as we possibly can not tackling that's physically punching it'd be all supposed to be about whatever favors the offense and so you would think like all right you're allowed the punch of that but if you hit him instead of the ball there's a penalty right well I have not a no punching with a closed fist rule I that that is that is coming you may loot the ball ever be able to jump up and down dunk the basketball either but it's made the sport better I don't know the field goal kicking from fifty plus yards away has made the sport better I contend it would position on the field they can't be kicking specialists they have to be like Pat summerall and Paul Horning and those guys who used to that like Oh yeah we have also now yeah the opposite argument which is well for the team that's losing it it makes it it's just I admit now at old navy and old Navy Dot Com valid ten fifteen to ten twenty-five select styles only.

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