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Out of manning hit tune the book they travel that they didn't pass any any any requirement in detention to require you would go back home and take care of your family safe off yep with that was we death that point hey tony that was any agrarian days of america do back in the back in the days when it was an agrarian society you know that right we understand at gorazde after saint speaker for twenty years because because representatives elect him and by the way there were two years when you had a republican speaker in lead daniels phil corinne was horrible won the republican budget bill germany were speaker now no crime was never speaker claimed the guy from bentonville could build a republic khalid daniels no no posts name was still a you've if you've ever broadcast size for saying some racist remark i speak yeah he was the speaker republican speaker would matic and didn't not not in eleanor there's only been the only guy will there was a w robert blair many years ago the senate maybe was the president of the senate i can't think of well anyway i appreciate your taking my call okay just don't agree what a speaker serving that many years okay thanks a lot appreciated tony louis let me point out something else you know in in many of these elections over the however many years it matt is matenaer when they would be elected speaker it is a tradition that there's always a motion to make the vote unanimous so it's not just democrats who are voting for the speaker obviously they support the republicans support their candidate until it is clear that the candidate has lost and then what happens zia's they make the vote unanimous so it's not just democrats voting for the speaker but i mean i mean that is decided by the legislature and and and that takes a coalition that takes a lot of lobbying that takes a lot of effort by an individual a to to get to be the speaker an an an an an and snow easy test but obviously the democratic party has been very happy with speaker madigan i don't know.

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