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So let's talk about what's coming. What's opening all around town? And we've talked about things going on the yard where we're fishers is and what they're bringing in there and Saint elmo's changing their concept. Their burger study concept that out putting in h C which is going to be a little more of a high end American fare kind of play. So what are your three favorites? What are the three new ones coming in that you're like this? This is good news. I'm really looking forward to stilts mill two chefs that have been on top chef Bravo TV's top chef or coming to open that that'll be at Meridian Kessler right there at that kind of hot corner. Forty-six forty-ninth college next door eatery with Kimball mosques, so that's going to be a great seafood place. They're saying they'll have a chef's table in the kitchen. So you might be invited into the kitchen to hang out. They'll have a chef's counter the chef will be cooking for you at the bar. So I really like that when we were just talking about every I know a lot of people. People here. Remember chef Greg Hardesty from recess that was another restaurant in that same area. He's now opening a culinary studio where he'll have a table for maybe twelve people, and he'll do kind of whatever the area demands experimental little bit. He may have a special dinner cooking classes, just kind of an artist's studio for a chef. So I think that will be really interesting, and then we were just talking about he's going to do an amazing Cup of Joe there. So he's on a quest to do a really great Cup of coffee. And then let's see what is there's a really interesting chain concept coming here, it's a CAL's own place. It's called sauce on the side. And that one is coming to Carmel. And also I hear coming to the new hotel that they're building across the street from bankers life Fieldhouse. Okay. All kinds of different cows zones with everything from the traditional feelings of ham, and Rick cheese to maybe macaroni and cheese and cows on it's north I place. There are plenty of southside places. And if you have you been to veto prevalant jet I happen to veto prevalence. I have yet to go together. I I hear nothing just big.

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