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And having, all their, Email exchanges all their home videos being able to talk and meet with his parents and, his brother becoming very close but, his children, and and then it. Was just about you know being efficient to a degree, you know obviously. Not, in combat with the three weapons that are used, and training with who. While Who was a part of seal. Team three who I wound up casting in the movie to play himself he was invaluable. Absolutely invaluable having him on set he would constantly tell us you know this is how it actually happened and we would change always dependent upon is notes and Rick Miller was another guy who trained me as a sniper and then people. Like Jacob Schick and other real vets who are in the movie. And we had, a lot, of that stuff came a part of seals who came and visited while we were, shooting you know it's a Clint Eastwood set so everybody wants to come and, I it really, was a, special experience and if the movie worked at all it really was because both Clint Eastwood and myself we, kind of got out of the way, and let Chris takeover, and it really is we try to just do a character study of what it, what it you know so people could really realize the, plight of, a soldier and and for, their family, we're talking to Bradley Cooper here in the national defense and rarely I gotta tell you Jerry Newberry sitting here he's a Vietnam vet. And when Emily came out you took a while for. You to see it didn't it Of course I I. Don't know if you. Know this Bradley but I, am bedded in Iraq in three times in Afghanistan, so wow You know my combat experience in Vietnam missile, silo could these you know war movies with a giant I'm. Always, trying But I teach high, school.

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