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When you're on the go like a good neighbor State farm. Is there scores in progress right now in the National Football League, second quarter Seahawks lead the Jets by score. Of 17 3. Also second quarter The Colts are on top of the Raiders. 17 14 2nd Quarter Packers With a 14 7 lead over the lines. Two touchdown passes already. For Aaron Rodgers. Let's go back to sell Philadelphia. Thanks, John Tudor to watch all the excitement of the NFL on CBS. Check your local listings for games in time in your area. Catch the NFL on CBS Buccaneers beat the Vikings today 26 to 14. So the seats will have to do it themselves if they want to clinch the NFC South. Victory Shaii doing that right now, They trailed the Eagles seven up 10 43 to go in the second quarter. Chris Carino. Brian Baldinger back with you in Philadelphia's Jalen hurts for the Eagles takes the snap sets of the pocket. As time goes to a wide open, Dallas got over the near side gets a first down, then throws a stiff arm, a Kwon Alexander, who grabs him and throws him to the ground out to the 38 yard line again. 18 on the play. Well on that plate down. Scott was just a safety valve is basically just standing almost on the line of scrimmage out wide and Jalen hurts. Was looking down. The field to protection was excellent. Up front. Nobody came near him, and he just took the check down. By that time upon Alexander had expanded down the field gave God or the big chance toe. Have a nice kid run after the catch hurts eight for 11 for 99 yards and a touchdown. Here it is first start the NFL. He's under center right now. Sanders, the back. Takes the snap. They give it a Sanders looks to push the middle of the pile ahead and gets the yard out to the 44. He's turned backwards by Kwon Alexander and company for the Saints. Well, Chris, we have seen a lot of rookie quarterbacks this year. We saw job, Earl right here. We have seen Justin Herbert in the second week of the season against the Chiefs. We've seen to a tongue of a lower and now we're seeing Jalen hurts, and we've seen all four of those quarterbacks playing really well and have success does seem to be Good class of young quarterbacks last couple of years coming into the NFL, second and nine at their own 40 changing of the guard around the lead out of the gun hurts. Takes the snap. Swing it Black for Sanders, it immediately by Alexander and taken down for a yard. Dean out, actually got back to the line of scrimmage at the 41 Alexander was acquired from the 40 Niners this season. That makes two stop to set up a 39 of their own 40 for the Eagles called Alexander. It's coming off the tourney cl with $40 a year ago. They kind of gave up on him and the Saints are always looking for somebody. Pair up next to the Mario Davis, who doesn't miss games doesn't miss plays on He's just a force in the middle and good and everything that he does. Alexander, of course, began his career four years with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers over fourth round pick at it. Ls you hurts back to throw up 39 stumping up front. He's gonna get out of it running right being chased by tomorrow. Davis stops along the sideline, then throws it. In the state sideline out of bounds and out of harm's way, and that'll set up punting situation here for the Eagles, but good decision by Jalen Hurts. He got flushed out of The pocket tomorrow. Davis came on what we call a long limbo stunt and he got chased to the sideline. And he waited as long as he could. And then he just threw it out about and so he didn't take the sack. No negative yards. Good decision. Cameron Johnston onto punch for the Eagles. Tommy Lee Lewis standing back at his own 15 Justin sends this wallet. This all off spinner Tommy Lewis makes the catch of the 18 breaks out to the left. Hits, spun and taken down to the 20 yard line on a hit by Keep on Seymour. Just activated to the lineup after a 42 yard to yard return. We'll get a break with a 10 to go in the second quarter, the Eagles seven, Nothing lead over the Saints will have more up next to listen to compass media networks thistles, the NFL. Waiting for the perfect reason.

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