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Lot of underperforming metropolitan's whether it says but has to some degree in again i mean the injury is part of it but also stephen manson and then losing so many key players and then what you heard in our production peace mearlier was a little bit of of everything from not only the game just a little while ago the subways syria's with a game number one but also the kind of season it's been with the metropolitan's were meet the grads as the zone goes and of course with the yankees nine games under five hundred since they were at that depth peak where they got off to the good start at that what was at thirty eight and fifteen and nine games under sense and yet still very much in the running not only in good shape with the wild card by a couple of games but also because above the division and boston apparently with a chance to carry themselves further against cleveland at home in boston after winning two out of three and especially winning two out of three after what happened to boris noon on friday night right back into the pack they would fall i just a little while ago so the incas is winning game always fun if you're winning against the metropolitan's and why would be fun of gore's for the metropolitan fam with their season beating the yankees accords and they still have three more chances to do that but the subways series for some of as an awful lot of fun because it gets everybody's attention and not only do the yankees win this game the.

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