Karen Moskow, Bob Moon, Iran discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak


Five thirty on wall street good morning i'm karen moskow i'm bob moon we're just about four hours away from the opening of us trading let's get you up to date on the news you need to know at this hour oil is trading above seventy dollars a barrel for the first time since november of two thousand fourteen to gain comes as traders brace for a reimposition of us sanctions on iran as bloomberg daybreak editor richard macauley reports iran is now coming out against higher oil prices the iranian deputy oil minister suggested a suitable price for crude would be sixty dollars to sixty five dollars per barrel it's not sort of stops the march hire this seventy dollars war tonight was breached it's also notable the the pricing sort of represents a very definite split from saudi arabia which prefers oil at around eighty dollars checking oil prices right now in new york up one percent to seventy dollars thirty nine cents a barrel in london up nine tenths of one percent to seventy five fifty one treasury auctions will be in focus a combined seventy three billion dollars of three ten in thirty years securities hit the market this week seven billion dollars more than the equivalent round last quarter and a couple of deals to tell you about nestle we'll pay starbucks more than seven billion dollars up front in cash for the rights to sell starbucks coffee products in supermarkets restaurants and catering operations nestle will use the starbucks brand in its nest pressel and dolecek gustavo capsule systems next year international flavors and fragrances has agreed to acquire as rally flavor maker fruit aram industries in a deal valued at seven point one billion dollars including debt that would make it the largest steel.

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