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Oh, all right. Rupe true. Confessions are over tell our listeners how they find you and how they get in touch with you. If they if the publisher if it's somebody who just wants to say, hi, is there a place? They can go to to Kate with you. They can go. They can communicate on Twitter. They can communicate with to me on linked in those are two sources that I to social media's that I do Twitter and I do link danso anybody wants to get in contact with me and have a conversation asking a question that's where they can go last question. Rupe? Anyone you see changing the game today and whatever field sports or, or any endeavor doesn't have to be football baseball, or even sports who is making a difference in the world that has earned your respect? Lebron James is number one and the Brown James played basketball for fourteen fifteen years. You never heard any controversy about him. He sent people to school in Afghanistan center with thousand people to college, and that's s phenomenal thing in it self. He's a good family man. I love my trout might try to on baseball player. I would probably pay the play baseball. He plays the game hard he runs hard. He plays. He plays the game like it's supposed to be played. You mentioned baseball. I'm coming to San Diego and a couple of weeks can I interest, you in Betty and coming out to Petco park with me to catch the Padres? Yes, sir. I'd be there. There's one of the Garfield and that's Tom Brady Tom Brady. His forty one forty two four three years old. He's still winning Super Bowls in a close game. I would tell people I take Tom Brady over anybody. And he's is a winner. We all like winners. America was born on greatness, we went Bono. Mediocrity. We have bone on greatness, and if you don't like to watch great people perform what they do matter. What it is a musician actor. So we are. And when we take that away we become mediocre. That's why president says, make America great again. We got we got great individuals. Mohammed Ali, you know send door. We got people or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar should say, we get great athletes. Great people rate musicians. Great businessman. This country was bone on greatness mitt. You know, everybody's accept mediocrity now. And it's not his greatness. We've been talking to a man today who knows something about greatness, he never accepted mediocrity. He was dealt a bad hand injury after injury after injury. But Rupert Jones fought through them all friends, whether you know, him or not as a player, this is one great man. And most of all, he's been a great friend of mine for many years, Roper Jones. Thank you so much for joining us, my friend from your home in San Diego. It has been -joyed. Thank you very much feel..

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