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In the co host yet today John Vincent from US news and World Report I had an opportunity on a recent trip to the Tokyo Olympics to see a lot of really interesting stuff that's coming to the Tokyo Olympics in the summer of twenty twenty and I'm standing in the middle of this parking lot in Japan look at all these crazy because I get a tap on the shoulder from a friend of mine who happens to be doing P. offer Bridgestone and said I have something cool to show your first will surprise I'm in Japan too but second of all she took me over and she showed me some of the new bridge stone stuff that is coming to the Olympics in twenty twenty and it was mind blowing in the sense because I couldn't get my head around how cool this was and I didn't also realize that when you drive a bus up to a curb how many problems that can create for shredding tires on the curb wall and it seems to be a real problem and then the this the height of the curve of people getting in especially with bicycles a wheelchair as that was very difficult usually have to step into the road and then step on to the bus and so I started paying more attention to this as time went on and I've been driving around when I see a bus stop in front of me what you people so step off the curb and step into the bus they will stop so far away from the curb privileged to have a teacher he gives John is on the phone he is the president over a bridge stone and you guys have invented something called a plus stop various coop system which is what I saw in Japan and far be it from me a layman to explain how it works maybe TJ you can give us the this synopsis of why you invented this and and what it actually does well no thank you very much for having me on and thank you for recognizing this new technology so what we did for so we're doing is we're in conjunction with with other partners including academic institutions and the government we recognized that there really were problems with the way that those folks would be getting on and off the bus standing at the curb there was a man efficiencies and how the system worked there were areas of potential safety concerns as you just said people might have to step down and then back up and then of course there's difficulty for those with with me there is no chairs for other types of physical care challenges that might need to have the simpler way of getting on and off the bus so in working with Yokohama National University Bridgestone engineers found a way to design the slope of the current interact a little bit more seamlessly with the tire we also say by having the slope of the curve change that curb change the shape of the tires and on the side wall would have less vibration west where so there's an in addition to having the benefit to our help of course safety and efficiency for the bus system so there was a great partnership and now we are the Tokyo Olympic committee has fought Hey this is a great opportunity for us to build new technology into our athletes know which so we're gonna have thirty two bus stops within the athletes village we're going to test out this aerial system and see what the new opportunities can be to create efficiency in transportation occasionally is not of the front of our mind but of course along with the regular Olympics comes the para Olympics and many of those people who take part in the Paralympics are in wheelchairs and currently the way it works in most cities is if you want to get on and off a bus with a wheelchair or train or anything like that you usually have to have some kind of lift mechanism or some kind of ramp that comes out of the bus and then goes on to the curb and then you have to wheel yourself on the rap is only put down once the driver recognizes that there is somebody that needs to use the ramp with a wheelchair however this sort of read uses a lot of that and and makes it easier for everyone to get on and off right absolutely it does so you can see and we're continuing to track the speed and efficiency with which this occurs as well as the reduction in the incidence of how in less frequently people need to you know our Jobst for potentially as you know they can stumble or even those of us that are few fortunate not to have any physical disabilities can be a bit of a challenge watching that gap between the boss and the curb we gonna carry on in just a moment but let's take a quick break here on how order expert if you want to hear the whole interview it's going to be on our.

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