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Is based on the point standings as of the week of September, the eleventh when this race was originally scheduled Jeff Gordon was leading the points, so he starting on the but Paul. Jeff Phillips, he's always done quite well here. He really has three wins. Racetrack six wins this year six. Polls so, where's the incentive? JURISCO truck well and Sam. Is that this team? All year long is as shown. It takes to go out there and put in an effort that could win and you know that's that's why their champions and that's why we WANNA. Go out here and do the same thing. Just go out there and try to win the race. Don't have to worry about points, no pressure You're just GONNA. Doctrine has it fun and and try to win this thing. Here's the field now warming up getting ready for the start of the. The New Hampshire three hundred, and here's Barney Hall out of line that come off Turner before green flag goes in the air, and we are underway on the Break Jeff. Gordon comes up through the gearbox. We'll get away just black Carl. Jeff Gordon dominated the event by leading two hundred, fifty seven of the three hundred laps, but with fifteen laps to go. Just fortunes changed, and things got physical and controversial with Richard childress racing's Robby Gordon Jeff Gordon for the first time. This afternoon got more company that he would like your court diving to the inside. Jeff Chuck. Robbins. Gordon! Jeff yet. Wallace backs the law. Caution is on the speedway. Caution comes out on the racetrack is three cars touch? Get together, and a couple of those were lead cars that go into the wall. It's back to three Robby Gordon. Try to fight his way to the inside of Jeff Gordon for the lead contact was made Jeff Gordon got a little bit sideways, got into the Mike Wallis machine and turned him around Septa number twelve machine backwards into the outside retaining wall now the field forms on the back. Straightaway Jeff Gordon Ramsay Robby Gordon. Gordon going over to turn three and the pumping is continuing now they swipe each other. Robby. Gordon locks up the brakes to try and avoid Jeff Gordon. Robbie goes to the inside on Jeff. Get breaking loose here and turn for this is under caution. They're filing back over the behind the safety car going back to turn three Jeff. Gordon obviously felt like maybe Robbie got a little rough. Going into the corner came back and retaliated ramming the back of robby. Gordon Essay Work under caution going back into the corner as A. A result Jeff Gordon was penalized for the rough driving and worse than that for Jeff Gordon he's just received. The black FLAG NASCAR is bringing down the pit road. They'll hold him for Lab Jeff. Gordon, the two thousand one champion comes down the pit road. You'll be held for one lap and is going to cost him a chance to win the final race of the two thousand one season the champ to get hot. Yeah, I was about to say Anytime Jeff Gordon. He's normally keeps his cool very well, but if he. He delivers a knock on your door so to speak. You can bet he feels like his justified. Robby Gordon held onto lead the final sixteen laps for his first career Nascar Cup series win the.

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