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Charges. And when he did, the court, said prosecutors yes have discretion but cannot undermine fundamental fairness and due process, And the only remedy, the court said, is to allow Bill Cosby to leave prison. And so what it means is Cosby will go free that he cannot be tried again. Cosby was convicted of sexual assault in Pennsylvania about like Stone, ABC, Nares and late word Now that Bill Cosby has actually been released from the prison. He is a Freeman just moments ago. Alright, we check your drive. Now. The latest traffic and whether together from the UC Health Traffic Center, you see Health is the region's leader in cancer in neuroscience care. This is science and in science lives. Hope traffic is doing better on North 75. They've cleared the accident across the Brent Spence. Both lanes reopened on 75, as well as on the ramp to Fort Washington way there's now a three vehicle accident, including a semi on South 75 near Desert. Charles backup beginning to form their already about a 10 minute delay from Western and Finlay to the branch. Spence an accident westbound 32 at Newbury and eastbound to 75 slows between the double and 4 71 North bound 75 about a 14 minute delay approaching Kyle's lean to the Brent Spence I'm Rob Williams news radio 700 wlw. The latest forecast from the train heating and cooling Weather Center on news radio 700 WLW. There is a low in severe weather threat for this afternoon as scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms past of the tri state. It's damaging winds that we're really looking out for. Today's high ends up at 84. Tonight We're down to 69, then more rounds of rain are likely on Thursday as the cool front passes tomorrow's high. Only reaches 77 from your severe weather station. I'm nine first warning. Meteorologist Jennifer Catch Mark NewsRadio 700 wlw. Much cooler this afternoon 83 degrees compared to yesterday when we were in the mid nineties, but the level of humidity is way up 65% right now in Cincinnati. And the Purple People. Bridge. Word today partially has going to reopen after being closed the last two months. But access is only going to be from the Kentucky side of the river. You can only go halfway across the bridge stones from the Ohio side of the purple people fell off back in May they are continuing to investigate whether there is a safety problem on the.

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