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Floyd little, a great Broncos back. Paul westfall, who had a tremendous mark on the NBA. Tommy Lasorda, a great man of character, Don Sutton a great pitcher. Ted Thompson, who had a huge role in making the packers what they are today. Hank Aaron, a man who was as accomplished off the field as he was on the field, which is saying something, what a tremendous man what a tremendous loss. My friend Tony Jones, the former Broncos, offensive tackle, what a great guy he was. Larry King, while I listened to growing up, just incredible. John Cheney, Leon Spinks, Chris westling, from NFL media. Pedro Gomez, from ESPN a pro, he's mister tremendously. Marty schottenheimer, great NFL coach Torres paler, a man who lost his life way before he should have a guy who had greatness in front of him. Just tremendous. The great NFL receiver Vincent Jackson. Lewis nicks the third irv cross, a trailblazer on NFL pregame shows. Mike pearl, another pregame show legend. Mark pavlich, a part of the U.S. Olympic gold medal hockey team, Marvin aguer. Great boxer. Elgin Baylor, Howard schnellenberger, Ben Dwight, great official. Cole Brennan, former Hawaii and NFL quarterback. Joe valerio, the man who created the sports reporters, the first show that I ever did on ESPN, he invited me on. And I might not be in the spot, I am today. We're not for the great joval area. Jim fossil. Who was a former NFL high coach for the Giants who was an offensive coordinator for the Broncos when I was in Denver who coach John Owen college. Many conversations with Jim a great man. Terry Donahue, Alex Gibbs, the former Broncos offensive line coach. A man I loved. Man who had so much life loved that guy. Bismarck. Greg nap, another former Broncos assistant coach who lost his life way before he should have JR Richard..

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