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Talked to the chevy team to let the wgn tv team that i was coming company wardrobe changes that sounds like a lot of uniforms will you can taking any of the team with you in the truck yeah no absolutely part of it you should swing by everybody's house pick them up and take a lap and getting the check tomorrow though i'm gonna keep it for the weekend for the weekend i'll have it in lisle okay good so i'm going to put people showed up people are gonna i'm asking this now people have access to come see us in lisle yes only if they win no because i asked our marketing team this yesterday which team are you on when you i was on the steve cochran show and i asked about because my family's coming pat and the kids and pets better and their kids are coming and said do i need to get them tickets and she said no they should be able to get to us should should we're gonna need clarification on because i want people to be able to come out and see the truck there in her up two years ago people sat and watched us worst case scenario you could actually lift off in the balloon fly over the perimeter line and then land where the family is and then pick them up worst case in her case not a terrible idea really when you think about it ethel kennedy's in the news is warning the widow of bobby kennedy she's ninety she's probably the candidate team she'd part of the kennedy team she is joined a hunger strike against the immigration policies in this country i don't think a ninety year old not eating it's not a great idea but it goes to show a passionate she feels about this mess as well what else is going on as termi daniels meeting with prosecutors cancellation totally because the media found out the meeting was going to happen and the prosecutors got upset you guys remember stormy daniels mike levin i remember we were talking about every ten minutes i'm going to talk about so much anymore that's the area we live in resident is stormy daniels out the purple this thing the president a stripper and a payoff yeah over well they do a good job i think at the at the national level of flooding the market when when you talk about a story it's one thing but what stormy daniels it was nauseating and then she goes on tour so we have to have more stories about an avenues on cnn every day the president has a tweet about him like it's just like at a certain point they they all they all did their job to get us to stop talking about though that's the game plan whatever historians look back at this if they go well what was a positive about donald trump ago that sucker could spin that new travel ban is a good example of that where he's going to spin this as a victory and that the supreme court upheld their policy towards muslimmajority countries to ban them to travel to the united states of america for americans to travel to them and that's not the case that the supreme court just said presents can do this karen conte will talk about it coming up buzzfeed has a list as they always do buzzfeed has listen this morning they kind of goes along with our text question what are the old people in your life say that they only say because they can't because they're old twenty five things baby boomers not my people twenty your yours too you're right on the fringe of baby boomer generation x not by much a couple years i think hold are you fifty one sixty.

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