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General Manager, Sam Bradford, Brad Fisher discussed on The Adam Schefter Podcast


You've been very happy if steve calm your general manager it's hits you bradford glen rose in those who are three trio quarterbacks going into kampe real questions so again gray situation and now we just gotta go out and coach and poi is sam bradford healthy right now coach he he's looking great you know he's moving around well between brad fisher and buddy morris those guys are doing a tremendous job and really with his rehab and his progression and talking to sam by the day coach i this is the best i've i've felt in a long time and you can really see it you know and phase two out there moving around and throwing the football he looks good how much longer does larry fitzgerald have letting well you know i'm very fortunate in the boss that he's back this year just a tremendous person we know what kind of player years i hall of famer but he brings just so much to the locker room and would have first year head coach coming into a situation like this you need a guy best your voice advocate for you in that locker room and i couldn't really actually anybody any anybody better than him and so hopefully that we can get two more years out of them but we'll see you know there are a lot of great men in the league but last week when jason witten retired there's a huge sendoff for him in dallas and i was thinking who else would get that kind of sendoff in the nfl today and one of the very first players that came to my mind was larry fitzgerald because that's the kind of career that he's had that's the way he's treated people interacted with this community got involved and made a mark jason witten larry fitzgerald drew brees tom brady i'm sure there.

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General Manager, Sam Bradford, Brad Fisher discussed on The Adam Schefter Podcast

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