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Get that meal. Invalid it's really easy to do though. One of the ways is to drop off the form printed on the back of the sample ballot. And also you can go to L A vote dot net. Seven fifty no money. All right. Apple CEO, Tim cook onstage in Brooklyn at the music school there. There's a big event where they're rolling out to subdue frogs this morning. A redesigned ipad MAC book air successor to new MAC mini all coming out this morning, this of course, a month after apple made the new iphones available. So apple making a splash today. Apple stock has been under pressure lately along with the arrest of the market right now, let's take a look at where apple stands two hundred twelve dollars. Of course, we'll off its recent high up one cent the overall market in positive territory for the moment. But let's see what happens here. The Dow right now one hundred eighty one points, NASDAQ up twenty three and the P five hundred up thirteen both the S and P five. Five hundred Dow's still low actually still negative for a twenty eighteen following last week's washout the price of oil at the moment down a dollar forty two at sixty five sixty three a barrel. And we check your money. Fifty each hour. The next update at eight twenty I'm Frank Motech from the capital money desk. KNX ten seventy NewsRadio like this. But what are the odds really moving Halloween around? So it's not always on the thirty first because it might be safer for the little kids that go out trick or treat talk about it in two minutes. It's seven fifty one. Usually program from our archives. In many traditions, the relationship between human beings and nature deepen Michener, and this is the pulse of the planet. Oren? Lyons is one of the chiefs of the Onen DACA council of the six nation. Iroquois confederacy nations of always had ceremony in.

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