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To. I think ten wins is right for them. I think ten and seven is right for them. especially with the midseason change of quarterback. I think that that's a playoff team to me. Although we so we started on that we still don't know the math of what that means. What ten and seven means but i predict them to to make the playoffs in in a in a seven team. Nfc playoff in the least consequential news of all time. Mikhael harry is requested a trade. Oh that will not. I will not change okay. Many over unders. I'll say that for yourself. Yeah we were actually taking everybody off. The board was like the packers. We have to see where nikola is gonna go seahawks ten. I'll let stephen start because as you had to do with panthers. You have to collect your thoughts for commenting on your own team. Because it's so personal Stephen seahawks dot i. I didn't even do any research into this. 'cause the seahawks just going on five. Yeah which feels like what they do. I've just eleven sure. Eleven sounds right. i'm gonna go. it seems right. That's feels right. That seems right. dan kelly anything. Yeah no i'm going over. Also i think that this is like sort of the drumbeat ivan. Having all off season is people are overreacting to see oxes offensive woes. Starting the second half of the season last year. That was the worst. We've seen russell. Wilson played his entire career. Do you think it's possible. They overreacted because the quarterback didn't wanna play for the team anymore. I mean think that may have played into daniel. Yeah maybe a little bit. I think they did some things i think. That maybe in in order to appease russell wilson getting more optimistic about the next year It sounds like he likes the new coordinator shane waldron. Who's bringing the ram style offense to the team. I don't so basically what i'm saying is i don't think the are remotely as bad as they were down stretch last year. Offensively and i think defensively. They're not going to be good or elite but they'll be middle of the pack probably and assuming they can stay healthy and i think that's gonna be good enough to make them again like a ten eleven team. I'm going over just because the seahawks win. Like eleven games. It seems like every season And you know are they. They won twelve games last year. I think assuming russell wilson stays healthy this offense as can be good and yeah. I think it's just one of those things like the seahawks are just sort of like the most steady team in the nfl. Outside of maybe the patriots had been prior to that in the cable. Thanos hype video. They have to clip you saying that the seahawks weren't nearly as remotely bad as they were last year and offense. Hi everybody gets everybody get hyped. We saw the outline. We saw russell. Wilson throw in ridiculously terrible. Picks like that doesn't happen. That's not part of his like dna that hasn't happened in his career. I think we can get back to sing like the normal russell wilson next year. So and that's gonna be good enough to make them playoff team. I'd like to push But i can't because i've been making fun of the pushers the whole episodes Ten seems right to me I think i don't know. I'm just gonna go over They've they've they. They're not going to go through. The quarterback change like the niners are I do like the offense coordinator there even though he's not he's not going to be as good of a pike. Our couch shanahan. I just that. There's i think they're a little more settled there I think that there's there's three playoff teams from this division and I i don't think anybody should be surprised by that All right guys anything else. It just want to add going back to the san francisco thing. According to forecasted win totals san francisco has by far the easiest schedule in the nfl the sharp or is that from sharp. Football stats So that that could be another like boost for them and see the eighth easiest so that i mean who knows if that will actually matter as we get into season like forecast win. Totals are always a little bit off but take that for what you will. Will the seahawks give jabbar adams of big extension. That's the question i wanna know. I don't care about their record. They're going to. They're going to for better for worse. Probably for worse laremy tunsil path. It's laremy tunsil pathway. They traded a bunch of picks for a guy without a contract. Now they have to pay them or else they wasted all those picks. If you believe if you believe be carol He seemed pretty damn certain that they're going to get it done like during the off season when he was interviewed. He was like yeah. We're working on it. It's getting it done. He did seem remotely worried about the fact that adams is asking for like an outrageously high contract for the position that he plays You know. I think p carol probably he always has been sort of one to think outside the box and maybe go against what all the analytics would say but Yeah i think it's gonna that we've noticed in a lot of ways yeah. I'm.

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