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So i don't have my we'd license because i'm lazy and so i had my mom's best friend go grab me the suppositories from the we shop andrew cohen dispensary so she told her to again and she's like okay got it so my friend my mom's best friend it like had cancer and the reason why she used weed was during chemotherapy and all this up she's like unassuming sweet literally little lady and so she goes in there with her husband and she goes to you know get the suppositories from the guy and the guy when she like ask for them he was like a whole he's like okay goes and gives them to her and the he gives her little like little smirking like a wink and she's like i don't know why he was really doing this side it was kind of weird i don't know she gives them to me they're anal suppositories to open you ever but sex with her husband and he was like these guys are freaky entrance of weird share your asshole hi yeah so it doesn't hurt on you're trying to like get it and i would say that would be top of my list if i ever decided to do anal though at uninsured as i yeah you guys you hit the streets we should it on eliminating dot com wait again animals depositories like something that weirdo you just need to be drunk this is better get your by that's amazing so bad or good that was good it was good for me it was probably bad for her so we'll maverick depositories polio good manner earners someone i thought i was a pleasure for her so my bad week i don't know if you know we have this leading facebook group that we have all of our listeners go he's in it is the most active members she is obviously in it fees for group has been infiltrated by trolls ship hit the fan this weekend with these trolls apparently there's this whole cd underbelly of facebook with all these troll groups that people literally joined with like five accounts and then go join other facebook groups.

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