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From four pm to midnight an open buffet and free parking you need reservations now my question is on the patio do they allow cigar smoking these place that has to be mentioned if you allow cigar smoking i would assume so because because you can like you can smoke cigarette and you could vape so like what's the big log taproom any bar that i've went to on the deck you can smoke no no that's unfortunately that's not that's not true of that was true have you ever been to platinum ninety nine of course not because it's a nice place it's a nicer platt ninety nine which is over there was on south delaware delaware meets meets south it's in the alexandria the alexander hotels in the alexander hotel platinum nine is beautiful platt ninety nine is a gorgeous room and they have a fantastic almost half wrap around the patio no smoking savagery savagery it is shameful it makes me sad but the room is gorgeous absolutely beautiful if you're looking for a place avonex drink that is that is one of the places to do it i don't know about tonight i'm just talking about in general the benjamin harrison house they are having their ice cream social unionized scream for three bucks that's today from one to four pm it's a nice way to you dealing with the heat it'd be inside a little bit you get some ice cream everybody's happy you make that happen now there is a run through brookside park begins at seven so begins twenty minutes well it's the registration begins today man's from now raise begins at eight thirty there's a four k and there's an ak the running today i guess you're going to run before it gets crazy hot and and do me a favor a lap for me because i will not be there that is not happening and then party on the plaza i didn't know that city market a did this right and since you're gonna already be downtown for the ipo downtown freedom blast since you're gonna be downtown for that you might as well go they've got stuff going on they've got beer they've got live music food they don't do any outside food or drink they sell it that's part of what they do you can get a ticket for seven dollars and twenty cents why seven dollars what is that i don't know and then if you're a couple at six dollars and seventeen cents a person i would that it's ridiculous diseases weird and then if you're a senior you're sixty five and older it's five dollars and thirteen cents but if you're twelve and under it's it's it's free and says price includes service fees i don't know i honestly five bucks that's the answer five bucks boom ten bucks.

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