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His brain the thirty ninth president I'd states has subdural hematoma caused by two recent falls in his Georgia home a subdural hematoma happens when a blood vessel near the surface of the brain burst blood they collect between the brain and it's tough outer layer causing pressure the ninety five year old has had several health battles in recent years including two bouts with cancer and those who falls just last month it is head probably in one of those one of those falls yeah when you hit your head like that what can happen is that you can start to have a slow amount of bleeding on top of the brain despite all the car show no signs of slowing down he continues to build houses with habitat for humanity and teach Bible study on Sunday early Thursday morning a student at a southern California high school opened fire on his schoolmates Jim group reports he killed two students and wounded three others before wounding himself Michael an understatement by LA county sheriff Alex Vienna waiver it's a sad day in Saugus is a sad day in Los Angeles county in the nation for another a tragic shooting at a school before we get into what happened there is a shocking aspect this horrific incident says LA county sheriff's captain can Wagoner about the shooter a student at the school he is identified as a sixteen year old male whose birthday is today a young teen on his sixteenth birthday from all accounts a nice kid quiet ran cross country had a girlfriend but captain Waggoner says the surveillance video shows what many would characterize his uncharacteristic of the boy who was gathered with other students around seven thirty Thursday morning in the quad while others were in class for first period withdraw handgun from his backpack shoot and wound five people and then shoot himself in the head when first responders arrived they didn't realize the student they were treating for gunshot wound to the head was the shooter that wasn't discovered until detectives were able to view the surveillance video why is still the big question a neighbor says the boy's father died not too long ago and it's believed he found his father's body there are also rumors about social media posts all of his devices are being investigated two students meanwhile have died a fourteen year old male and a sixteen year old female public officials of spoken to the incident including state assemblywoman Christy Smith we are very close knit we will come together and we will survive we just can't afford another tragic day like this LA county sheriff's captain Robert Lewis says every time something like this happens he hears the same chant no more then he asks when will there be no more Michael believe it or not the field of democratic presidential candidates has grown just as it was starting to shrink a little Steve cast and bomb reports of former governor decided to enter the race Michel Duval Patrick announced his campaign like so many other candidates do these days via a video on social media I admire.

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