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Some tournaments are wide open i mean would you say that there are between six and a dozen who are most likely to win this one i do i think i think maybe more than that i think the way the golf course is set up this year the us jay's decide to set chinook up with little bit wider fairways and we've seen here in the past i think that's gonna give more players opportunity to get the ball in play and be able to be a little bit more aggressive with some iron play into the greens it's still a golf course favors the the longer hitters and i think that wider fairways definitely favor them even more so it's a course that the green complexes are very difficult there's they're raised there's mounds ridges there's roloff areas that if you missed the green the ball's gonna roll good fifteen twenty hours off the green there well bunkered so it's gonna be critical to be able to play great iron shots from the fairway to have any chance to make birdies and i think we've had some rain today at soften off the golf course i think there's a great opportunity for these guys shoots pretty good scores over the next two days prediction today india that vic go pretty low which has not been the case in the past at shinnecock no no it's is not been the case at the us open until these last year they decided to go too much wider fairways and not a lot of rough around the greens i mean here you can put the ball chipped the ball basically set up very much like an open championship in scotland so we're seeing more of that type of player on here i'm a you know old guy that i really do love the twenty three yard fairways with four and five inch deep rough all around the place we are going to see that this week in terms of of the people involved start with someone who is not considered the favourite but he will be the most watched and of course that's tiger woods.

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