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Yeah yes you mean to take off on. Must be the music right the money that he said it must be the music speed. That's right diaz turning them over the money. Yeah of course but all hit songs. Yes remember to video. I love the video but all music aside prime time was is a top five defensive player ever no doubt but asked me a better question than that top one. I said five. Can you go. were you go three. Yes i will. No doubt what lawrence taylor lawrence taylor dion. Who's who you got through. That's right deanna. Have second behind lawrence taylor. I got dion sanders. One lawrence taylor. Two and then three is tough. I can say the guys. I've seen that i'm like. Ooh maybe it's him. I'll say ray. Lewis bruce smith reggie white out And my nissim. Jj watt down and then by the way rivas for a while. There was just impossible terry in his prime. Yeah yeah but i'm trying to think. Is there another linebacker. That i say like lt is in a class by himself. I put dion sanders. And if we're choosing teams. Like i got this guy. Got this guy right all time. There are a million interchangeable quarterbacks. Fine you got brady. I got montana got rodgers. I'm homes right. But whoever gets lt and dion sanders. No one liked those two guys. They're just different. In fact i would say the all time greatest defenders. There's really a top two and then there's a little hairs difference between those top two guys and everybody else lt. One the to act like it got to say stephen and cleveland. You're on the max kellerman show. Espn radio hello. yeah i would. I don't know why you don't buzz him. You guys are the ones who said was in cleveland. I was wondering what is doing. Cleveland go ahead. I was wondering i was like. Is that better for me. what's up. Hey yeah so how was it. Brings back the mets thing. Don't get me wrong. I want to run up the mets. Sorry yes yes. Everybody's ride of picked up another pitcher. We all you know would that he should have picked up a pitcher. But at this point you know with the padding the way it is is it a business move on his part. I mean the guy. Fourteen million or billion whatever on wall street i you know. Maybe he's not trying to throw good money bad money. I mean the guys head over to could be the. The mets pitching has been snake bit in recent years. The talent has the top shelf. Talent has been injured. And that's the danger in pitching nowadays in the modern game. You want to invest in a ton of high powered arms. Because it's really like everyone's getting tommy john. Everyone's pitching arm is falling off. Because everyone's five and now they're all throwing as hard as they can you know for five innings sixteen innings if you're lucky and it leads to arm problems like the average fastball. Is when i was a kid. If there was one dude on your staff who could hit ninety five semi regularly with his fastball. He was a flame thrower nowadays. Everyone's one hundred miles an hour. So when you build your team around the idea that you have these like high high high.

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