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Ozark, Anna Kendrick, Beetlejuice discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show


Call in sick. When you start coughing on Thursdays, you can take on Friday. Then the movie Beetlejuice as being turned into a Broadway musical favorite movies time. You've never seen Beetlejuice. You have to. It's such a great, great. Movie and you know what's in theaters this weekend that I'm excited about what come on the none. So apparently there was nine a six second ad that was online and they had to pull it down because it was scaring people the point that point, if you six seconds were scary q. magic, ninety minute movie, and it's the, it's another movie from the conjuring series. And you know, I am obsessed with all things conjuring. So I'm so excited that's out this weekend. So go check that out of ever heard a friend. Say I'm obsessed with all things. Contrary. Okay. Friday, tonight's Friday. So net flicks gives you iron fist at the second season of their from marvel. Atypical is also out today. Stand up to cancer is on tonight. It's on a different bunch of different networks. Big, yeah, eight CBS NBC FOX. You've got football. Of course you've got the fifth season finale of power. You've got the miss American Miss America. Pageant going on this weekend. Shame. Melissa Zahn this weekend. And of course you can always watch Ozark over on that flex. 'cause that's what everyone's talking about, hey, did you hear the Rawson? Right? Is leaving shameless. She announces she waving heard, and Secondly, Ozark I was telling you earlier, I've finished. I'm not saying anything about I finished Ozark last night's easy to and I'm in this. I just finished it funk because I just needed another just one more episode. I'm so excited. I need season three right now. I'm telling you, I love them if you can get get them in Laura Lenny. One of the best actresses in the world, and I'm telling you of Bateman Jay's. I always see him in comedic roles. He's good. He's unbelievable in this role. They're all in crowd ice well, okay, you're going to be okay. All this anyway. Speaking of Burt Reynolds when I told you Nate that you have a pretty mouth that is actually from the movie deliverance, nineteen seventy-two. Burt Reynolds production. It wasn't his character that said, he's got a real pretty mouth eighty, but it was in the same phone. We gotta take a break coming up. We, we're going to open the twenty three and me envelope because producer Sam spitting a vial. We're gonna find out where her her heritage is from what her heritage is all about. And I have to play for you. The curveball that Jimmy Fallon gave us live on the air late in the show yesterday. Unbelievable, we've we have worked to do. All right. That's all coming up next. Stupid or weak. In the morning, show simple favor is a stylish new thriller starring Anna Kendrick and Blake lively. Stephanie a mommy blogger played by Anna. Kendrick is on a quest to uncover the truth about the sudden disappearance of mysterious best friend Emily.

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