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What was it like October? Is it was October here in the northeast so it was like fifty degrees a flat there it's eighty degrees. So yeah. Yeah. Just felt completely different. what else did I want to ask? You. To be the one to ask about daredevil. Batman. Go Go ahead. Yeah. Yeah. No. Problem talking about that man? How the heck. Will there Batman team sale is something I think anybody would wanNA, do right at that point there hasn't been one and So it was definitely a a nice brass rain to kind of go after I think it was It was just a conversation in an a proposal and saying, why wouldn't we want to put these two characters that have the? There's always been somewhat comparisons to them. Some of the comparisons to them I think also have to do with the fact Frank Miller you know worked on both the extraordinary work on both but they had that sense of their, they are stitched into their cities. They are they are kind of operating often at night they they play out in a more natural hard setting. So there's a lot of. That yeah. Yeah. So there there's a lot of natural qualities to that and so it was something I was leaning I think pretty hard into to to try to just get going saying, why can't we do something? Here's a proposal. Here's an idea. Here's a team At one point I had been hoping to actually reach him with the leaks weeks on that and and and. We talked a lot about that ultimately lead decided it wasn't for him at that time and it was a lot of conversations into that was an easy one to crack the code on. Just in terms of very high profile characters, especially Batman, and how do you handle him in what you do with him and so there's a lot of conversations with. Not just, Ralph Macho as the daredevil editor but then O.`Neil is the Batman editor and what do you do with these and my I guess my first. Swing of that story that got thrown out I mean by me, I mean it was just I I think. I hit send on it or facts did at that point probably. and you know almost as soon as I did it, I called Ralph and said it read it if you want but I don't like it. You know it's not it's not doing it for me the went back in and I think going back in his then when we started to find the the interesting qualities of. Angle was. Actually that that was that was the second pass Lilith that was that was discussed discovering that made the story right and and that was the piece you know to really play out platinum or interesting way. I mean on like that will. Yeah, why do you think they don't want to play ball with each other anymore do those crossover corporate atmosphere is everybody wants to? And I would imagine I mean I think there's just You know because now both our own that was done there were there were owned by corporations certainly DC was owned by Warner Brothers at that point Marvel was owned by whoever, but I think the operations were still more maybe just an inter operational and there were also a lot more people maybe there are now but there were certainly people there who knew each other had worked with each other right Danny had been at marvel, Dan Ralph, and Denny you know had worked together lot mom Markan walled and Mike Carlin you know were were. Sixties fast friends. So when they when somebody said Hey, let's do a an amalgam universe tour. Let's do you know these kind of Intercompany crossovers? It was based as much on friendships and relationships that had already existed as anything else so that that certainly would would enable that type of thing to happen a lot quicker. All right. Let's go there. You brought up the magic brought up the magic name I'm a huge fan of Mark Grunwald. The biggest regret in my life is I'll never be able to interview him yes. So you worked Mr Grunwald. I Mar. I, wish I'd worked with mark more and mark intimidated me and he should not have because he was he's a gem of was a gem of a person and very giving and and hysterical but I a person an his in his in the way he operated but I was a little bit intimidated by gnome very well, and he could be very I. Guess Stoic and in certain ways on the outside. So I was like. I I can't play in this is you know field so I didn't approach him as much as I should have learned more from him but all that said, one of the first real stories I took a swing at not a a goofy inventory story or a licensed story like here's my thunder cats idea. Was for book he had done called Solo avengers right. So these were short stories Ten page stories may be eleven page story. So it was like half a book wasn't even a full book and he I think had come up with the idea specifically to help up and comers do more work. So I was writing with woman named Margaret Clarke at that point, and we pitched this doctor druid story or eye doctor droid. If he's still around, you know sort of a doctor strange also ran and And and you know we wrote this kind of story and mark came in we were on staff. At that point, we were editors in the epic comics line and. You, know mark came in and spent an inordinate amount of time going over this eleven page story and telling us what works with doesn't work. If we WANNA take a swing at it. You know what would it wasn't going to buy the story then but if we want to go back and think about these things so to me, this was like, oh my gosh, this guy's like it you know he doesn't have to do this right So to me that was that was passion. Not just for comics, characters, even minor ones, but also for for people and So that was my my big attempt took to work with him. I got to work with him on West Coast of Andrews where I did a story with them as well and he gave us you know good guidance on that and then as the practical joker.

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