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The morning organizers the recall state senator josh newman who represented parts of orange county la county aunts hamburger dino county say the vote to kick do but out of office is a warning shot the broader war over the gas tax hike carl demayo chairman of reform telephone that's the group that led the recall effort tells can't ex the gas tax that's next a strong message to sacramento politicians that taxpayers have had enough rising up and josh humans political career is over because of his vote to raise gas taxes and car taxes in california other politicians in sacramento are right now quaking in their boots they are absolutely hearing the message i hope you're hearing the message that we're fed up says vote recall newman targeted because of his deciding vote increase the state gas tax cut across party and demographic lines because of deep dissatisfaction with the tax la county workers are expediting the counting of the nearly one hundred twenty thousand provisional ballots that had to be filled out because of tuesday's printing glitch to county register says they hope to have the majority of those ballots counted by friday and the rest by tuesday but dean logan still couldn't explain to the county supervisors why tens of thousands were not on the roles however it was a printing error this is not an issue where there any question about the validity or the eligibility of these voters you can also check the status of your provisional ballot they can do that on their own we also and we started this last year we also will proactively contact each voter and let them know that their ballots counted or if it was not counted why was not counted and so that can be corrected for future elections to check on your own go to l a vote dot net karen adams kennex ten seventy newsradio bassa voting power experts predicted.

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