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Conley of the American vaping association says he agrees kids should not be using these products to where we diverge is this idea that prohibition of ninety percent plus of the paper for baby products on the market is actually going to solve this issue he says this will make it harder for adults to quit smoking jul in a statement says it doesn't market the kids and it supports more stringent age rules in Hudson square Steve Byrnes WCBS newsradio eight eight police have arrested a thirty three year old Brooklyn man in connection with a hate crime attack at the church Avenue subway station in Prospect Park last November Alexis serve Leila's who is white has been charged with attempted murder in multiple hate crimes the victim is black police say civilis shouted racial slurs at fifty seven year old Ameri Washington before punching and stabbing her multiple times investigators say the attack was random reprehensible that is what mayor de Blasio calls the leaders of the NYPD's top union the arguing in the fall out the result of the firing of N. Y. P. D. officer Daniel Pantaleo John Adams with more from city hall bitter war of words between the mayor and the PBA justice serves as mayor de Blasio Daniel Pantaleo stripped of his badge for the chokehold death of Eric garner you saw an NYPD trial of full open public trial where evidence was presented but there were no criminal charges there was no federal prosecution PBA president Pat Lynch says the mayor and the police commissioner have turned their backs on police officers and created a dangerous environment on the streets he says the mayor now has called this street said this respect our uniform and the women and men wearing it Ted dot buckets of water over their head to throw bricks and concrete from the room and then to take out their weapons and fire on police this mare needs to be removed in response to concerns that the police might engage in a work slowdown the mayor says I believe the men and women the NYPD do not think that way I think they're here to do their job at city hall Shawn Adams WCBS newsradio eighty police are looking for three package thieves who attacked an apartment worker in park slope this happens in the middle of the day back on August seventh and apart and worker spotted three men.

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