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They said. Rocket mortgage calm Now here's Paul W. Smith. It's okay. You can say that again. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. It is Friday, May 7th The 127th day of 2021. There are 238 days left in the year Make each and every day count each day is a gift. And during this national travel and Tourism Week, the Paul W. Smith show on the road. On day five. We are live from the Detroit Golf Club, home of the Rocket Mortgage Classic. And indeed you'll be able to go to the Rocket Mortgage Classic or in our case come to the Rocket Mortgage Classic because the rules are such a least as of right now that You can come out outside and enjoy yourself without a mask. Unless you're in a big crowd, and you won't be All gathered at the same place. Talk about space. It's a golf course and and you know that better than anybody. You remember here. You know that golf course like the back of your hand. I do and it's huge. So it'll be great. It's huge. It'll be great. And just as Jim fiddling was excited to tell us from Dow yesterday The Dow Great Legs Bay Invitational at the Middle and country club will be open to everyone as the world's best female golfers. Come back to the Great Lakes Bay region. I put in the Monday column, which is to Thursday at noon, and I missed that. It was more like Thursday at midnight, and I figured I could pull that off if it just said 12. And they might have thought it was noon instead of midnight, But I did get a time just after midnight. Mentioned the Rocket Mortgage Classic, the first one and then the second one in order will be the doubt Great Lakes Bay Invitational..

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