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Is to get Trump out of office and it's it's complete. It's completely ridiculous. What's your tank under the crab and he'll guys and and point of finger and what's going on with our judicial system if that's what you want to call it now because the FBI off the Department of Justice and other interior offices are not doing a damn thing about this. There's no indictments wage. There's no inquiries. There's nothing going on and yet we have Steve Bannon. Okay as much as he was deferred from the political Arena because of his involvement with trunk and everything else like that. He was on a show last night called the war room and he has an all of his constituents have the evidence and everything else that they're going to be listing and giving out to the United States through media Outlets coming up this week of exactly what's going on. And it's scary. It's scary to think that we are so endowed with criminality from the highest office down. Yep. Absolutely wage Gordon. What's your take on all that? I'm just tired of the apocracy. Now. These are going back to the media Outlets. They tout and they hide behind their first amendment rights to say in speak and do whatever they want. But they sequester in silence anyone else who uses that same Amendment? That is ridiculous to say the least the fact that the feds are not getting involved mm prosecute these people to go after them and put it into this kind of goes back to the whole that thought that movie that phrase has turned into a movie is too big to fail right if we did. Who would we have left? If we did indict in arrest and imprison these people who would lead our country? What do we have to have a Mercantile? I also have to mention to you. So the fact that there is a position that has been upheld as far as what happened clear back to Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal. Mm. Okay, we're looking at government cover-up. We're looking at criminality at the highest offices took em back then and the conspiracy theories. Just keep on rolling from then on right and James. So yeah, so about that off. Why is nothing happening? Why is this wise that something is happening? So the FBI has requested an interview with with Tony bilinski. And that's that's not much. I mean, but it's the first step right? They want to interview him first one of the bidens obviously because of political but they want to intervene bielinski first. Okay, Tony bubble in ski gave up a lot. Of stuff last night he gave up a lot. He sacrificed his personal life because now guess what he went against abidance. Okay, he went he went against off a candidate for presidency. He's given up. He's he's got a Target on his back and he knows it. Why do you think last night? He was in a hotel room shoes hours before the even aired they did the interview. He was in a hotel room off-site somewhere. He knows he has a Target on his back and he said it last night. He says if I got a high I know will do what they need to do and eventually my name will slip off and nobody, you know worry about it. If you would have been doing that against Hillary Clinton, he would have been himself already by now. Okay two shots off back in the head. He would have killed himself. Okay. Thanks. All right the other part they're not going to do anything. I'll going to implicate Biden or anybody right now. We are what like seven days off. From an election. It's not going to do anything for this right now. Okay, and we're with with all the polls and everything else. You know, man. I tell you what by Drake has been compared to a gateway drug to rattle rattle ization, right? Normalization biting comes out and he says okay. I want every thing to be normal. All right. I want everything to return to normal. That's his that's his pitch right now. Good old Joe wants everything go back to normal. But what did Joe going to be gets elected? He's going to go back to mass mandates. He's going to go back to lock downs and all that stuff. That's not normal. But he's trying to weasel his way out of it right back to Joe Biden's normal is the corrupt politicians of the left with Donald Trump is going in there to do right now. He's draining the swamp Okay. Go back to Joe Biden. If we go to a Joe Biden presidency, the swamps not being drained as being refilled. We're not going back to normal. We're going back to the normal for the last several years with all these crazy Democratic bullshit policies in in all the stuff they're doing but The agenda now is just so far-fetched man is so off. The polls are off new gangers came on. He said he has a lot of lot of clothes but he was bought a house before that old ratchet-ass. I'm sorry. I could have said that better little nasty. Ratchet-ass Nancy Pelosi dried up. Anyway, thank you. So I'll tell you how it really cool later. But he was he was a speaker of the house before her. Okay, and he's he has folks in Georgia that saying hey, you know what, Georgia is not turning bite and no matter what these polls look like. Georgia is not going by two different Texas is turning blue. I don't buy it. It's not happening. What do you what do you guys think about these off this coming out? Because I think the polls are total bullshit. I think the polls that are coming out also coming out because of A lot of the fake dialects that are going out as well. You know these these mail-in ballots, I think are are causing a lot of the one-sidedness because they're seeing these coming in and of course you're going to find Trump's anything with Trump's name on it. It's going to be in the garbage off the water, you know, and and that goes for the the military guys as well who are overseas their ballots probably are not going to make it back because of that anything with Trump's name on it's going to be off so hijacked. So so good question right here. So you think that the polls are turning blue because of the ballots and because of you know, early voting and all of a sudden stuff. So right and that's what year about so take take take the boats out of boats out of it. Do you think there's anybody behind the scenes minus the votes that are saying? Hey, yeah. Yeah, we're totally blew. You know, we're going biting blah blah blah blah, but honestly, I don't think so minus the most here's what we are you don't think so. Yeah. I don't think I do not think that many Biden supporters. I think a lot of what you're hearing. I don't think sweetums the Biden supporters in charge. The one in charge of the ones that actually have a voice not actually the ones that are voting was Joe motors have a voice but the ones that are in charge of the polls and the ones in charge of reporting think the reporting false information to swing the poles and make it look like oh Biden's ahead. So you may not even come out and vote. Oh and then if you want to look at some halfway decent stats look at the Trafalgar group. And check that out as far as their methods of polling. They were the ones that I have been right they were right during the 2016 election when everybody said Hillary's ahead and shrimps losing their once that wrong Trump's win and Hillary's losing and of course you want our our she lost and he won and also on suck the other elections that are taking place. They have always been right when everyone else is wrong and so far looks like On their poles. This is how close it is Trump 47.1 and Biden 47.5 and off within a small margin now that's not every state that just kind of a combined tally of everything. However, like I said, I think a lot of that kind of stuff has been blown up or exploded out more than what it should be trying to show that there's more votes going blue than red. I don't see that happening. I really yeah, I think so, you've got and when you got more people in fact in Florida, well when you got four people show up at a Biden rally and you got 75,000 people showing up at Trump's Thursday. I mean, come on do the math. What does that tell you what does that say and in Florida? So it's in Florida you twenty nine of them here for toriel. Most energetic something. Go ahead. Go ahead. Now on the public TV and on Fox News doesn't make any difference whether it's Fox News Tucker. Carlson is reporting that damn Hunter documents suddenly vanished. Hello what news right now? It does right now Christ right now. It is on world news right now that damning Hunter documents are have suddenly vanished. That is what documents bulshit. Yeah, got to be fucking kidding me. What documents what documents is it? I'm not listening to the report right now, but he's been on for about 20 minutes now and here's main his main topic was that these documents that have come forth from the doj or anybody else Rouge eat? Some of those computer off parts were sent to Rudy guiliano. He made forward copies of them and you know what's going on with that he has he has Alex and ends of the political system that like nobody does but he is silent. Well that is here. Now we hear that we're now we're now it's suddenly vanished. So there you go. All right everybody. Well, we're going to take a quick break here. And then we're going to come right back to this and just a moment. So I need everybody to stand by. And we're going to play a little tune for you and we shall return here in just a moment. Nobody go away. Stay put.

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