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Nightclub gunman approaching Ortiz from behind shooting him once in the back the bullet exiting through his abdomen. Then hitting the person he was with in the leg the crowd scattering as TS slumps to the ground. One suspect twenty five year olds Eddie Garcia arrested near the scene after witnesses captured and beat him of forties believe another suspect may still be at large. Ortiz rushed to the hospital for surgery reportedly telling doctors don't let me die on a good man with anxious, family and friends gathering his father reassuring reporters. Big bubby. We'll be around for a long time. Ortiz is a beloved figure in Boston winning three World Series with the Red Sox tonight figures from the sports world and beyond sending wishes to tour tease. Fellow Boston legend Tom Brady tweeting puppy defines. Boston strong get will soon my friend, and former President Barack Obama writing not Z's spirit and resolve helped us all begin to heal from the Boston marathon bombing get-well-soon poppy arrive off. We're happy his most moving moment that emotional speech at Fenway park, just days after the two thousand thirteen marathon, bombings. Feed. Big pay freedom. We'll remember that moment victory kendo live in Santo. Domingo tonight were tease has just left to be flown to Boston and Victor authorities or saying the suspect in custody has confessed to being involved. That's right David, but it's unclear if you shot David Ortiz or if he was in accomplished in the attack. Police say that he was just too incoherent during questioning to make role clear, David Victor. Thank you. And we have new reporting tonight on that deadly crane collapse. In Dallas, seventy one mile an hour. Winds toppling it over the crane, slicing through several floors of this apartment building and through several levels of a parking garage tossing cars like toys, one woman was killed inside her apartment. Another man is in critical condition in a top floor apartment, his family had just moved into ABC's Clayton, send L is in Dallas tonight tonight. Investigators want to know why this crane came crashing down turning a Sunday afternoon into Armageddon. Absolute chaos. I can't being Dallas firefighters rushed victims to safety. The crane slicing through multiple floors of apartments and a parking garage toppled in a storm packing winds up to seventy one miles per hour..

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