Ginger Zee, Pennsylvania, David discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir - Full Episode: Friday, October 6, 2017


Let's get right to chief meteorologist ginger zee with us tonight because this will not only hit the gulf it will then travel you say right up through the country to the northeast and so it gotta watch for flash flooding potential all the way to pennsylvania say but let me take a straight to the map david because the yucatan peninsula is showing that storm just east of the now this thing is flying at twenty one miles per hour to the north northwest hurricane warning in place for new orleans gulf port the luxy mobile tropical storm warnings extend to pensacola and even inland bear the brunt of the storm will we felt saturday night through sunday morning that's when is going to make landfall let it speeds up there the ohio valley into the northeast and out tuesday but before that the impact storm surge four to six feet anywhere in red the mobile bay gulf shores food and then up to ten inches of rain along the gulf coast tracking it into the weekend ginger thank you and in the crosshairs of this storm new orleans and a low lying cities right along the gulf dangerous flooding and as ginger just said storm surge is likely and this question tonight are the pumps ready in new orleans abc's steve ocean samis there across the gulf to knocks this is a state of emergency in their racing to get ready for this store i know room that's why i'm here otherwise obvious office in new orleans there are especially worried a dozen of the city's drainage punks that they need to keep the city dry aren't working tonight are out this evening clearing raids in parts of orleans saint bernard and jefferson parish is more than a thousand families are being forced to leave their homes one of the greatest threats to this storm is not necessarily interior rain but storm surge billy ross is leaving tonight he's moved everything off the ground you don't know what to surge is going to do if you know picked up you'll lose.

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