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Did like a radio interview with this guy i think. He's a producer named kindness. Also goes by adam. Bridge adam bainbridge shari but anyway kindness was asking about this song play. It's not really a song. The virtually they referred to as A collage style piece of music. Anyway so this is dave speaking. He says i basically wrote a crazy thing just stream of consciousness kind of thing on blood orange facebook about how feeling about what was happening in america and then i just started playing the piano so anyway so it's just like spoken word type thing with with some music ladies put behind it but i wanted to play this one part. This thing is ten minutes almost eleven minutes long but anyway i wanted to play jump to this one part where he starts talking about like the history of his name so is looking up. What my loss name meet someone. Its origins to radius. Get spelt a number of different ways. Hi any s. the most common spending and I found that it originates from the name. A hanes o. H. e. y. s. And that origin is irish. Irish name always knew my name would essentially be based on a slave name but yes. It's an irish name. Meaning servant so essentially not only is my loss name a name we donated from slave trade but it literally means a servant so i mean it's a weird thing to have to carry around. I'm.

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